Review: Complete No-Stress Physical Sunscreen (AXIS-Y)

AXIS-Y Complete No-Stress Physical Sunscreen Kbeauty Review

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If you want to take care of your skin, there’s one step that should never be skipped – sunscreen.

Until my early twenties, I only ever wore sunscreen if I was going to the beach – which is incredibly harmful considering that I live in Australia! I’ve learnt better since then though and I’ve actually experimented with all sorts of different formulas (starting out with physical, then chemical and combination types). The one I’ll be sharing with you today is a part of the former category.

Physical sunscreens (also known as mineral sunscreens) use Titanium Dioxide or Zinc Oxide for SPF protection. They work by sitting on the skin’s surface to absorb, scatter and reflect UV rays. They are often a more suitable option for sensitive skin, though this will also depend on your individual skin type and the actual product.

The Complete No-Stress Physical Sunscreen by AXIS-Y is the new kid on my vanity – and it’s been getting solid use. You can pick it up at AXIS-Y for USD$23, but make sure to check out this review first!

AXIS-Y Complete No-Stress Physical Sunscreen Kbeauty Review
AXIS-Y Complete No-Stress Physical Sunscreen Kbeauty Review

Product Description

Described as a Mugwort based sunscreen, the Complete No-Stress Physical Sunscreen simultaneously protects your skin from UVA/UVB damage and heals your skin with 2% Niacinamide and Squalane. It has a high rating of SPF50+ with a PA++++, as well as being ISO internationally certified. As a physical sunscreen, which is also allergen-free with no artificial fragrance, this is definitely a good option for people with sensitive skin – or even young members of the family.

Made with reef-safe ingredients, it also claims to have minimal whitecast, as well as no stickiness or pilling, so it can be worn under make up. It is especially targeted for those with acne-prone or oily skin types. This is also part of the 611 series so see below for the use of base and core ingredients, as well as effective technology:

Base Ingredients

  • Calendula: Contains anti-inflammatory properties to soothe the skin
  • Grape: Creates a protective film over skin
  • Green Tea: Works to soothe irritation and inflammation
  • Chamomile: Soothes sensitivity caused by sun exposure
  • Squalane: Works to fight off free radicals
  • Allantoin: Improves skin healing and smoothness, as well as fighting premature aging

Core Ingredient

  • Mugwort: Lowers the skin’s temperature (cooling) to improve skin elasticity and radiance

Effective Technology

  • SYN-COLL: This is a unique peptide sequence that imitates the body’s collagen production for anti-aging effects
AXIS-Y Complete No-Stress Physical Sunscreen Kbeauty Review
AXIS-Y Complete No-Stress Physical Sunscreen Kbeauty Review


As the unit carton packaging design is almost the same across the AXIS-Y range, you can read more about that in my Spot the Different Blemish Treatment review or scroll up to see more photos. Instead, let’s move onto the actual product packaging.

The Complete No-Stress Physical Sunscreen comes in a soft, white plastic tube with a matte finish and simple print design. It’s opaque but can be (very slightly) see through when held up against the light, which is useful if you need to see how much product is left. It also features a clear twist-on cap and a unique rounded tip. The shape of this makes it very easy to control the amount of product dispensed – the product is squeezed out in a narrow, thin line. This works especially well if you want to apply this directly to your face.

Overall, I think that the packaging is mostly standard and very functional. The most unique ‘point’ would be the narrow tip. I like the use of a matte finish plastic, as it elevates the ‘feel’ of the design. It also stores well as it has a flat top cap (allowing it to stand on my vanity) and a compact shape that is easy to carry around in your make up bag.

As I’ve said before, AXIS-Y products also look great as a set due to the very cohesive branding and design. If you’re looking for a gift for an upcoming event, this sunscreen is also available in the Community Choice Set; in addition to the Complete No-Stress Physical Sunscreen, it also contains the Spot the Different Blemish Treatment and Dark Spot Correcting Glow Serum. All of these are great for oily skin and I especially like the Dark Spot Correcting Glow Serum as part of my daytime skincare routine.

AXIS-Y Complete No-Stress Physical Sunscreen Kbeauty Review
AXIS-Y Complete No-Stress Physical Sunscreen Kbeauty Review

Personal Experiences

I have been using this as a daily sunscreen and found that it works really well for my skin type. As per the product description, the Complete No-Stress Physical Sunscreen would be best suited for oily to combination skin. The texture is creamy but can feel a bit dry on application, so it’s best applied in sections to ensure proper coverage. I would also recommend letting your skincare fully absorb before you apply this, as you don’t want to sheer out the ‘shield’ effect.

I originally thought that this had a semi-matte finish, but it actually dried down fully matte. I usually have trouble with sunscreen making my skin quite greasy, especially later in the afternoon, but this one is totally fine! It’s also super lightweight so, whilst I haven’t tried this under make up, I feel that this will perform well under it.

As per the product description, this formula contains some great additional ingredients but it’s more of a ‘team player’ than anything. It mostly supports your existing routine; I didn’t notice any immediate soothing effects when I used this but, when in conjunction with my usual skincare line up, I felt that my skin healed faster from acne damage. I also like that this didn’t clog pores or exacerbate my breakouts at all.

Additionally, the Complete No-Stress Physical Sunscreen is virtually undetectable on my skin but does leave a subtle white cast – which is, to be honest, expected from a physical sunscreen. It also has a very strong herbal scent. I don’t personally mind it but I noticed that it has the tendency to linger for a while so people who are more sensitive may want to keep note.

In general, I had a great experience using this sunscreen! It’s a little drier than what I usually use, but also has a great finish and did a stand out job with general oil control. I’ll definitely be keeping this one around for the warmer seasons.

Here’s the verdict!


A matte finish, lightweight physical sunscreen with minimal white cast


  • Simple and functional packaging design
  • Can be applied directly from tube
  • Suitable for sensitive skin (and reef safe)
  • Minimal white cast
  • Matte finish with no stickiness – virtually weightless on skin
  • Supported my skincare routine in healing skin damage


  • Higher price point
  • Packaging design isn’t really exciting
  • A drier formula – best applied in sections
  • Strong herbal scent that lingers


  • PRICE POINT | 2/5
  • PACKAGING | 4/5
  • FINISH | 5/5
  • ABSORPTION | 5/5
  • SCENT | 2/5
  • SOOTHING | 3/5
  • HEALING | 4/5



This performed really well for me and it’s definitely something that I would be recommending to others – especially people with oily skin! There were a few places where the sunscreen lost some points (mostly price point and scent) but those are very subjective and its priority would vary from person to person.


If you’re keen to try out the Complete No-Stress Physical Sunscreen too, head on over to the AXIS-Y website or check out their Instagram!

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