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Klavuu Pure Pearlsation Kbeauty Review StyleKorean

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KLAVUU is one of those brands that I’ve been curious about (I was actually first introduced to them at the BONIIK event) but I haven’t tried anything from, mostly because their products can run a bit expensive (in relation to other Korean skincare). However, I’ve heard really good things about their brand especially in the areas of complexion brightening – which people will know is one of my main skin concerns. So when I saw on instagram that StyleKorean was recruiting people for a KLAVUU try me; review me – I applied right away!

I haven’t tried out all of these products yet, as I am currently recovering from a skin allergy from last week, so I thought I would instead write about these products to share the KLAVUU range before doing in-depth reviews later on. I don’t have everything from them (of course), but I was sent a selection of items to review – the Personal Care Aurora Pearl Eye Mask, Pure Pearlsation Revitalizing Facial Cleansing Foam, Pure Pearlsation Divine Pearl Cleansing Oil and the White Pearlsation Ideal Actress Backstage Cream.

So, if you want to know more about KLAVUU or if you’re curious about any of these products, read on!

Klavuu Pure Pearlsation Kbeauty Review StyleKorean


KLAVUU is a Korean brand that gained popularity around 2017. According to the StyleKorean website, their name is a combination of the Swedish words for clear and view – so their brand concept of clear and pure beauty is pretty obvious. Their brand focuses on the use of pearls in their products, as well as marine-based botanicals so a lot of their products will have some sort of connection to the ocean.

According to them, “KLAVUU Skincare researchers developed the term pearlsation, referring to Klavuu’s own identity and character of turning over your skin to a complete new spectrum. All of Klavuu’s products contain pearls, marked as pearl extract on the label. We choose the best and highest grade of Korean pearl on all of our products.”

The use of Pearls is skincare, in particular for brightening effects, is one that I’m very familiar with because I personally love to use pearl masks. I find that they give a great instant glow to the skin without being too strong (like vitamin c) and I have also been told that it’s a great anti-aging product. There are many places in Asia that actually sell crushed up pearls as a vitamin sort of product – though wouldn’t recommend because it tastes like eating chalk.

Instead, I much prefer to keep using it in my skincare. I find that pearl products aren’t usually very good at hydrating so I think it’s great that KLAVUU also adds marine botanical ingredients to their products to balance it out.

Klavuu Pure Pearlisation Kbeauty Review StyleKorean

Personal Care Aurora Pearl Eye Mask | 5.24USD

The first product that I will be trying out is their Aurora Pearl Eye Mask. This is a hydrogel eye mask that is made of a high concentration of Korean pearl essence, suited to help hydrate, relax and brighten the eye area – of course, the specifics of it depends on the type that you get. For this review, StyleKorean had sent to me the Brightening and Revitalising variation (which is great because that’s the one I would have picked regardless). This product also comes in Lifting and Moisture, as well as Smoothing and Nourishing. I would recommend them for anti-aging and skin sensitivity concerns respectively.

I personally really like to use hydrogel eye masks, and I’m currently still working my way through the Heimish Bulgarian Rose Water Eye Masks which I love so much, but I have never used one that looked like a full mask before. At just over USD$5 for a single application, this is not the most affordable eye mask, but I think I will have to try it out before deciding if it’s worth the money. If I really like it, then this is something that I would save for special occasions rather than using almost every night.

Klavuu Pure Pearlisation Kbeauty Review StyleKorean

Pure Pearlsation Revitalizing Facial Cleansing Foam | USD$34.24

Their cleansing foam, which is part of the Pure Pearlsation line, is meant to be a hydrating and gentle cleanser to remove make up, which still maintaining the suppleness of your skin. When combined with water, the cleanser forms a creamy consistency and helps to remove make up and any residue as well as to remove dry skin and brighten your overall complexion. It uses Pearl Extract, Laminaria Japonica Extract (Japanese Seaweed), Spirulina Platensis Extract (Blue-Green Algae) and Squalene (Natural substance found in Olive Oil).

I’m pretty interested in how these ingredients will work in a cleansing foam, as they are all very hydrating natural ingredients (especially Squalene, which my skin actually quite likes). I will have to try it out on heavy make up days to see how well it removed waterproof make up without the help of an oil remover. Overall though, I’m mostly keen to use this cleansing foam because of it’s hydration and brightening benefits!

Klavuu Pure Pearlisation Kbeauty Review StyleKorean

Pure Pearlsation Divine Pearl Cleansing Oil

And speaking of cleansing oils, StyleKorean also sent me a cleansing oil from the KLAVUU brand – because no cleansing routine is complete without an oil cleanser, especially if you wear as much make up as me. This one is also made of Korean pearl extracts and is meant to remove waterproof eye and lip make up (a product claim that was not made for the cleansing foam), as well as to deep clean pores. They recommend three pumps to clean the face and neck, as well as to use the Divine Pearl Serum Mist before washing it away (but I will skip that step because I don’t have the mist and, to be honest, don’t see how any water based skincare should penetrate my skin on top of oil).

This product has similar key ingredients to the foam cleanser, listing Pearl Extract, Carthamus Tinctorius Seed Oil (Safflower), Spirulina Platensis Extract (Blue-Green Algae) and Squalene (Natural substance found in Olive Oil). I have never used any cleanser with Pearl extract in it (especially not oil) so I’m interested to see if these will have the brightening effect that it should.

Klavuu Pure Pearlisation Kbeauty Review StyleKorean

White Pearlsation Ideal Actress Backstage Cream | USD$34.24

And lastly, one that I actually started trying out as soon as I recieved it, is a cosmetic product from the KLAVUU range! This is a multi functional product that claims to be a five-in-one (though looking closer, I think it had two functions) – “Pearl base, sunscreen, primer, fixer, and a make up base with Korean pearl extract.” Essentially, it is a pearlescent make up base/primer that has sunscreen functions. It is suggested to mix this in your foundation at a 1:1 ratio (though I prefer to use it as a base), and that you don’t need to apply additional sunscreen.

According to KLAVUU, “This cream got its title of being an actress’ cream as the makeup artists frequently used it for the actresses with dry skin. The instant moisture and glow on your skin allows the makeup to last long perfectly.” The key ingredients for this product is Pearl extract, Agar extract, Seaweed extract and Spirulina extract.

As a first impression, this product has a soft and natural pearlescent finish to it with a pink tone-up effect. Even if I am not wearing it on my face, I will use it on my neck to better blend in my make up. It is very hydrating and gives your skin a dewy look, but can also feel quite sticky – that will come down to your personal preference. At the moment, I am testing this out as a make up base but have also worn it on its own to better effect. I find that it’s a bit too thick for my skin type but will update in the full review.

And they’re the products that I’ll be reviewing from KLAVUU! I hope that this spotlight post helped to give you some information on the products before deciding whether or not to try it out. The brand has a great reputation for brightening products so, if that’s one of your main concerns that you want to use ingredients that are not acids like VC, then I would recommend checking out pearl extract products – regardless of if it’s KLAVUU or another brand.

Look out for my future in-depth reviews on these individual products and if you’re wanting to check out anything, click through to the StyleKorean website.

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