Review: Chill! (Synth Labs Intl)

Synth Labs Intl Chill Mask

This product was sent to me for review purposes. I was not paid and affiliate links are not used in this post.

What’s the most interesting and unique mask that you’ve used lately? Sheet masks are all the rage and even rubber modelling masks are pretty common now, but I got the opportunity to try out Chill! from Synth Labs Intl recently and this may be the most unique mask that I’ve tried out in a long time.

For those who are new to the brand, Synth Labs Intl is an Australian brand that was founded just this year. They consider themselves ‘neo-beauty’ and aim to combine both natural and synthetic – which you can definitely tell by their almost alien-like CGI brand imagery. They currently have one product, Chill!, which is both a serum and mask depending on how you choose to use it.

If you’d like to pick this up, it’s selling on the Synth Labs Intl website for AUD$128 (or you can make four AfterPay payments of AUD$32). At the moment, this product is available exclusively in Australia but sign up for their mailing list for updates on when it becomes available in other countries.

And, let’s get into this review!


The packaging of the Chill! mask makes an impact and I love it. It comes in a large, white cylinder with the Synth Labs Intl logo along the side. Opening it up, you will find all of the parts included – the jelly, the powder, a mixing stick (which, in my opinion, looks like a fancy vampire stake) and a silicone tube.

The overall aesthetic of this product is scientific and modern, which suits the Synth Labs Intl ‘neo-beauty’ concept. I like the box that it comes in, which gives the impression that you’re unboxing something quite special. The subtle spot UV effect over the logo (which is what gives it a glossy look) also gives an added hint of opulence whilst still being very clean and minimalist. I actually ended up keeping this box – it’s on display at the moment, but I think I will reuse it for other things later on.

As for the individual parts of the packaging – it’s all good quality. The plastic bag for the gel and the tube of powder is basic but doesn’t feel flimsy. I really like the design of the mixing stick though which, as I previously mentioned, looks like something out of Buffy. It’s made of plastic and is lightweight, with a unique triangular shape and the Synth Labs Intl logo – I’m definitely keeping it, although I don’t know what to use it for yet.

As for the silicone tube (or ‘vessel’), it looks and feels quite bland at first – especially considering the price point of this product – but the quality of it is surprisingly good! I especially noticed this as I was using the frozen mask, since I tend to be quite aggressive with trying to push it up (more on that later) and had no issues with the tube stretching or breaking.

The only criticism I would have about the packaging would be the yellow top – I can see that it’s to match the yellow text on the jelly, but I feel like the coloured plastic looks a bit cheap.

Product Description

So Chill! is described as a jelly serum or mask treatment that is suitable for all skin types (including sensitive skin). It works by forming a second skin like layer and, depending on your personal preference, you can also freeze the serum to apply it as a cold mask (which is what I chose to do). It is also cruelty-free, fragrance free, vegan and produced in micro-batches.

According to the product description, this product helps to:

  • Rehydrate and brighten skin for a radiant finish
  • Through the use of the ‘Chill’ method, the mask will immediately tightens pores, reduces inflammation and signs of fatigue
  • Reduces swelling and increases blood circulation
  • Gives an immediate sculpted effect
  • Improves skin tone and gives a glass skin effect

The below are the ingredients and their individual properties; these are taken and reworded from the website, as I find their language a bit complex:

  • Australian hemp: This is anti-inflammatory, helps with moisture absorption & also contains Arginine to help collagen production. This contains less than 0.3% THC and is therefore non-hallucinogenic and safe for use.
  • Cica grass: Helps to soothe skin after UV exposure, contains asiaticoside & madecassic acids which also calm & stimulate collagen synthesis.
  • Sodium hyaluronate: Helps skin to retain moisture.
  • Snow mushroom: Works together with sodium hyaluronate to deeply hydrate.
  • Algae complex: Supplements the skin with polyphenols, polysaccharides, phlorotannins & amino acids. Also helps to bring hydration deep into the epidermal cells.
  • Australian kakadu plum: Supercharged with Vitamin C to help brighten and also improve the skin’s response to uv exposure.
  • Chaga mushroom: Contains components of niacin, melanin, polyphenols, as well as superoxide dismutase & catalase.
  • Japanese 24k gold: Has anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing antioxidant benefits.

From what I have been informed of, the amount of extracts in the powder formula are also above industry standard (so they are not just marketing ingredients and intended to actually give your skin its full benefit).

Application Method

As previously mentioned, there are two different ways to use this product but their main method is to freeze the serum to create a mask. The frozen form gives the added skincare benefit of tightening pores, soothing redness and refreshing skin (and well as an obviously cooling effect). This is probably the most unique application method I’ve tried and I personally really enjoyed it!

To make the mask, the jelly is to be dispensed into the plastic tube and then the powder too (please note that the powder must be put in afterwards – I made the mistake of putting it in first). The mixing stick is then used to combine the two. You can also close up the tube with the yellow cap and shake it up if you are having difficulty, but you have to make sure to hold it tightly. The whole process feels a bit like a science experiment and I personally made a bit of a mess, since I didn’t follow instructions properly, but it’s simple enough. Afterwards, you freeze the product for around 4 hours and it’s ready to use.

Applying it, you squeeze the ice up from the tube (which can be a bit difficult so i always put a tea towel around it too) and apply it starting from the décolletage and then working up the neck. For your face, it is recommended to work in circles from inside to out and also to limit yourself to 3 minutes per application. The ice will melt and create a thick gel mask over your skin, which you can then leave on for 20 minutes before patting in excess and finishing off with a cream. As the product dries, you can definitely feel a tightness on your skin (from the mask).

Alternatively, you can also use the jelly formula as more of a traditional serum, pushing and patting it into skin until it’s absorbed. This is probably the best method for people with more sensitive skin type, since the coldness can be irritating for some.

Personal Experience

I personally really enjoyed using this product as a mask – as everyone would have noticed from my Instagram updates. It’s the first time that I have used something in frozen form on my face, in fact I don’t even chill my skincare at all, but I’m finding it surprisingly addictive even in the cold winter! It’s definitely something that I’ve looked forward to using in my nightly skincare routine.

As for the skincare benefits of this, I have definitely felt significant soothing and hydration effects. My skin feels deeply hydrated the next morning even though my skincare routine is more minimal (I cut it down to three steps – toner, mask and moisturising gel – when using this). I especially love the soothing and anti-inflammatory benefits as I can feel it immediately soothe my skin, even when it’s feeling super congested. However, I did not notice any brightening benefits.

Overall, I feel like this is an effective product. The benefits from it are quite general – I’m sure that there are other products in my collection that can give me the same hydrated and soothed complexion. However, the concept of the frozen mask is so innovative – it’s the first that I’ve seen like this – and it’s really fun to use. The Chill! mask is most definitely an experience moreso than essential skincare.

So here’s the verdict!


A hydrating jelly treatment that can be used as either a frozen mask or a serum


  • Very unique concept
  • Good quality and modern packaging
  • Deeply hydrates skin
  • Instantly soothing even congested skin
  • Helps with fatigue and tired complexion
  • Refreshing, cooling and just fun to use, to be honest


  • High price point (retails at AUD$128 with free shipping)
  • Can be hard to push up or messy to combine


  • PRICE POINT | 1/5
  • PACKAGING | 4/5
  • EASE OF APPLICATION | 4/5 (just hard to push up)
  • HYDRATION | 4/5
  • SOOTHING | 5/5
  • BRIGHTENING | N/A (no effect visible)



This is a really fun mask and it’s one that I will continue to use (and enjoy). However, I have to be honest and say that the skincare benefits from it were simple – it works well but doesn’t do exceptionally more than my other products. It’s got a high price tag too, but does contain 100mL of product (in comparison to the standard 30mL serum which can cost upwards of AUD$30 at Sephora) so is relatively well priced when you break it down. The shelf life is also approximately 6 months when frozen and should last around a month of twice daily application.


This was sent to me from Synth Labs Intl for review so check out their website where Chill! is sold for AUD$128 with free shipping – at the moment, it is only available in Australia but you can sign up to their mailing list to find out when it’s available for you too.

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