Review: Select Fairy – Street Brown (Pinkicon)

Pinkicon Pink Icon Contact Lenses Review Select Fairy Street Brown

Did you know that I’ve never actually worn one-day lenses before? All of the ones I’ve worn have been 3 – 6 month pairs because I always feel like it’s such a waste to throw them out after a single use (and the prices seem to add up). However, I was recently approached by a Hong Kong company called Pinkicon to try out a pair of their lenses and I decided to give the one-day set a go – partly because I was really curious about how these would differ from my long lasting ones, and also because I’ve never really worn brown contacts before! I often like bright, stand out colours that differ a lot from my original eyecolour, so I was interested to see how a subtle change would change my overall look.

These are from the Fairy brand by Sincere-Vision, a Japanese brand that seems to be really popular. Their Select range is, I guess, a selection of their best colours? These lenses are meant to give only a subtle moderate widening of the eyes (as they have a more natural radius) and the subtle colour is meant to add dimension to your iris, giving you a soft ‘dewy’ look. They’re super pretty and available on Pinkicon’s website for USD$20 for a pack of 10 (or 5 pairs)!

Now let’s move onto the review!

Pinkicon Pink Icon Contact Lenses Review Select Fairy Street Brown

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Review: Bunny 3Color Green (Klenspop)

Klenspop bunny 3 color green review

I am officially addicted to wearing coloured circle lenses and, honestly, can’t imagine how I’ve gone without them for so long! I love that they give you overall look a nice pop and I think that they really tie an outfit together. Subtle circle lenses are good for more casual or formal events, while striking and eye-catching colours and designs are perfect for fun days out or parties.

In lenses, I usually pay particular attention to the comfort, vibrancy of the colour (how it turns out on my super dark eyes), how well they blend into my natural colour and what sort of make up I think it suits best. For my review for theses pretty, green lenses from Klenspop, I decided to go out of my comfort zone and show how I would wear these paired with a brighter, eye-catching make up look!

If you are interested in these lenses or would like to see what else Klenspop has to offer, just click the links! This is not as affiliate link (and 99% of my links aren’t) but you can use to get 10% off – and who doesn’t love that: R9LAF9SP

Klenspop Kbeauty Lens Review

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Review: BUNNY 3COLOR BLUE (Klenspop)

Bunny 3color blue Klenspop Kbeauty Lens Review

Do you guys wear coloured contacts every day? I personally love the look of them – I like the widening effect, I like that I can choose to have a more eye-catching colour or choose to go more demure with something subtler. However, I really can’t wear them every day because I work weekdays in an office where I am staring at the computer all day. I also have a habit of falling sleep on public transport, so it isn’t exactly great for my eyes.

When I do go out though, I often wear coloured lenses. Recently, I received my first review package from Klenspop which had a really pretty pair of gray contacts (that really stand out). This time, I recieved another two pairs from them but I will be talking about one of the first – the BUNNY 3COLOR lenses in Blue! These had a subtle effect on my eyes which would be really suited for every day wear. Compared to the previous ELLEN lenses, I think these are more suited for daytime wear. They look more striking in direct, bright light (as you will see in the below images) but, from a distance, there is a subtle enhancement to my eyes. Please keep in mind that my natural eye colour is a very dark brown – we used to call it black in elementary school – so this may look brighter even on other brown eyes.

If you are interested in these lenses or would like to see what else Klenspop has to offer, just click the links! This is not as affiliate link (and 99% of my links aren’t) but there is a code you can use to get 10% off – and who doesn’t love that: R9LAF9SP

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Review: Ellen 3Color Gray Lens (Klenpop)

Oh My Stellar Klenspop color lenses review ELLEN 3Color Gray

I recently had this situation where I couldn’t sleep all night because I had accidentally dried out (and then ruined) the gray circle lenses that I bought in Korea. Although I don’t wear lenses every day – as I work in front of a computer and am often very tired – I like to wear them when I go out for for special occasions. I think they can give a nice finishing touch to make up and, unlike thick false lashes, I’m pretty comfortable in them. I actually only started wearing lenses recently too! I picked up my first pair (a very pretty blue) while I was staying in Korea and it took me an entire hour to get them in. Now, I can pop these in in a heart beat.

So, thanks to my clumsiness in ruining a pair, I was so happy when I contacted Klenspop and they were happy to supply me with a pair of lenses to wear and review! If you’d like to grab a check, remember to use my code for 10%: R9LAF9SP

The pair that I am wearing is the ELLEN 3COLOR GRAY and you can pick them up on their website.

Oh My Stellar Klenspop color lenses review ELLEN 3Color Gray

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Trend Report: Off Shoulders

stylenanda floral off shoulder long sleeve blouse black trend alert kfashion

The off-shoulder top isn’t exactly a new trend. In fact, I remember being absolutely obsessed with them back in primary school (or maybe it was early high school) when Tammin Sursok used to wear them a lot. In fact, I distinctly recall reading an interview with her back in the days where she commented that ‘less isn’t more’ and that jeans and an off-shoulder top could be incredibly sexy. And I agreed. I wanted to be pretty and sexy just like Tammin.

As a side note, I know that she’s well known as being Jenna from Pretty Little Liars, but before all of that fame, she was a massive name in Australian television. She was a singer as well, did you know? I highly doubt I was the only girl who looked up to her.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand – off-shoulder tops.


stylenanda casual striped off shoulder top trend alert kfashion
Casual Striped Off-Shoulder Top from StyleNanda (USD$25)
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Burnt Embers Winter OOTD

Winter Outfit by Stella from Oh My Stellar with ulzzang inspired make up

Last weekend, a close friend of mine stayed over so we could take some photos for our blogs. I’m absolutely hopeless in front of a camera and have a lot more confidence behind the lens, but I thought that I had to start somewhere. Rather than having so many nerves having a stranger photograph me, I thought that there was nothing better than having one of my closest friends capture me the way that she saw me!

It took a lot of tries to get the right photos but I’m quite proud of how natural some of these turned out (especially since I was feeling anything but). This is the dress that I bought for my graduation though – casual and classy – and this cardigan is worn so often that I wonder if I’ll ever find another! The beanie never used to match my hair but, funnily enough, does now.

Outfit 1_Layout

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