Trend Report: Off Shoulders

stylenanda floral off shoulder long sleeve blouse black trend alert kfashion

The off-shoulder top isn’t exactly a new trend. In fact, I remember being absolutely obsessed with them back in primary school (or maybe it was early high school) when Tammin Sursok used to wear them a lot. In fact, I distinctly recall reading an interview with her back in the days where she commented that ‘less isn’t more’ and that jeans and an off-shoulder top could be incredibly sexy. And I agreed. I wanted to be pretty and sexy just like Tammin.

As a side note, I know that she’s well known as being Jenna from Pretty Little Liars, but before all of that fame, she was a massive name in Australian television. She was a singer as well, did you know? I highly doubt I was the only girl who looked up to her.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand – off-shoulder tops.


stylenanda casual striped off shoulder top trend alert kfashion
Casual Striped Off-Shoulder Top from StyleNanda (USD$25)

I have always had such a love-hate relationship with them. I used to own a cute yellow off shoulder top from Supre back when I was eleven (twelve?) and I’m convinced that my mother absolutely hated it. I thought it looked so cute though and being able to look even remotely like one of the cool girls was worth it for me.

The problem I always have with these though, is that they often shift up my shoulders while I’m moving around – and I do a lot of fidgeting. I imagine that this isn’t so much of an issue for some designs (like the above StyleNanda style) but is something to be aware of.

stylenanda drawstring accent off shoulder blouse sky blue trend alert kfashion
Drawstring Accent Off-Shoulder Blouse (Sky Blue) by StyleNanda (USD$59)
stylenanda floral off shoulder long sleeve blouse black trend alert kfashion
Floral Off-Shoulder Long Sleeve Blouse (Black) from StyleNanda (USD$49)
stylenanda striped off shoulder half sleeve blouse trend alert kfashion
Striped Off-Shoulder Half Sleeve Blouse from StyleNanda (USD$30)

Personally, I’ve been vying it since it first came back in and love the newer interpretations of it with added straps and a looser, drop sleeve-ish design. Brings to mind a very iconic white dress from Denichuer that Taeyeon wore to the MAMA awards (y’all know what I mean).

It’s been months and I’m still looking for something similar that I can wear out casually. Any recommendations will be highly welcome.

Anyway, so what do you think, guys? Are you on board of the off-shoulder trend or is this one you’re going to give a miss?

Leave a comment down below and, remember, stay warm!

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