Review: Callus Care Heel Patch (Koelf)

Kbeauty Review RoseRoseShop Koelf Skincare

I’m back with another review and, instead of focusing on our faces, let’s stop to think about our feet! We stand and walk on them all day, force them into pretty (very probably painful) shoes, so it’s only natural that they deserve a bit of pampering as well. We have moisturisers, gels and peeling masks – which I personally only use once every few months but really enjoy playing with – but here’s a hydrating patch by Koelf.

This product is a lot faster than peeling masks and specifically targets one part of the foot (the heel) though can obviously be used on other parts of the feet if needed. You basically apply it to your heel and then put on your socks (this step is optional, but recommended if you don’t want to slip and slide around). It says to keep it on for a minimum of an hour, but I don’t think there is a maximum time you can have it on. It really just depends on your comfort and time allowance.

I was sent a pack of these to test by the awesome people at RoseRoseShop and each pack as six sheets (or three pairs). They’re really cheap actually and on sale for $3.36 each – not a bad price, really. Because I personally have pretty decent feet, in that they don’t really get dry or crack, I asked my mother to test these for me instead and we observed the use and effectiveness together.

Interested? Let’s go!

Kbeauty Review RoseRoseShop Koelf Skincare

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Review: Magic Cushion Moisture (Missha)

My Korean Makeup Kbeauty Review Missha Magic Cushion Moisture

I’m back again with another cushion review! I seem to be doing so many of them lately that my cushion collection has been seriously building. I have no complaints though because base make up is such an important part of your make up routine and, personally, I think the key to perfect make up is to find the perfect base. However, it’s important to note that these products are often subjective and really dependent on your personal preferences. For me, I love dewy finishes, blendability and a medium coverage – full coverage is a bit too heavy for me, as my skin is pretty decent on most days.

One of the first BB creams that I used is actually from Missha! We didn’t have many asian beauty stores in Sydney those few years ago and my choices were limited between Tonymoly, The Face Shop and Missha. Missha had won me over with their Perfect Cover product and, since then, I’ve always really liked their products. I’ve heard that they were fairly late on the cushion compact game but, after seeing this one, I couldn’t help wanting to test it out.

This product was sent to me for review my My Korean Makeup! They have great service and free shipping too, so don’t hesitate to check them out if you want to get the Missa M Magic Cushion Moisture (which is super affordable at USD$9.90) or if you want to check out the rest of their products.

And with that, it’s on with the review!

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Review: Lip Powder (Rire)

Rire Lip Powder Tint Kbeauty Review

There was such a ruckus when this product went viral that I immediately bought all four colours intending to doing a review video. Well, the video has been in the making for a long time, to be honest, and I’ve had these photos edited and drafted for a while. I think the hype about this product has started to dye down – especially considering that other brands have now started with lip powders – but I thought I would write down my thoughts anyway.

This is going to a relatively short post, but hopefully the photos of these pretty things make up for it! Let’s get started:

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Review: Rose Essence Multi Finish (Skinfood)

Skinfood Rose Essence Multi Finish KollectionK Kbeauty Review

Skinfood is a Korean roadshop brand that is really well known for their skincare products – black sugar, avocado and probably potato; they have used it all. Their black sugar scrub is one of their cult items and is definitely one of my staples. Lesser known, however, is their cosmetics line. From what I hear, these products are sometimes a bit of a hit-or-miss since it isn’t their speciality.

Today, I’m going to be reviewing the Rose Essence Multi Finish, which is a super pretty 3-in-1 product (highlighting, blush, eyeshadow). This was sent to me for review by KollectionK, so please remember to check out their store afterwards. They have a great range as well as a newly launched shopping service!

For this product, I was initially really taken away by how beautiful the packaging is but, unfortunately, I’m a little disappointed by the sheer pigmentation. It seems like colour products really aren’t their strong point, though there are some purposes that suit this product better than others.

Read on to find out!

Skinfood Rose Essence Multi Finish KollectionK Kbeauty Review

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Review: Delight Circle Lens Mascara (Tonymoly)

Tonymoly Delight Circle Lens Mascara KollectionK Kbeauty Review

I have something to confess – I don’t wear mascara as often as I should (and by should, I mean as often as it seems other people do). Ever since I started reading fashion magazines as a kid, I would often hear the legends about people who just wore mascara for their daily make up and  yet still had this lusciously long, defined eyes. I’ve tried – really I have – but I was never able to achieve that. Blessed with short, sparse and stubborn eyelashes, I have clipped myself with curlers, gotten mascara on the bridge of my nose and, at my most dedicated stage, tried a good five layers!

Does this all sound a little overdramatic? Okay, perhaps it is, but I have a point, I swear!

Lately, I’ve had a newfound love for mascaras and I’ve been trying a lot of different formulas to see what works best for my super stubborn lashes. I’ve found other formulas that work best for me, focusing on lengthening or creating volume, as well as ensuring that the product is actually waterproof. Although it is best not to use that type of formula every day, I personally don’t have much of a choice because I have strong hayfever and very water-y eyes.

So today’s review (which unfortunately is a little bare on photos) is of Tonymoly’s Delight Circle Lens Mascara (Curling) which was sent to me by KollectionK for review. There are three different formulas for this product and I chose the curling version because my lashes are almost impossible to keep curled and I wanted a challenge.

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Review: Select Fairy – Street Brown (Pinkicon)

Pinkicon Pink Icon Contact Lenses Review Select Fairy Street Brown

Did you know that I’ve never actually worn one-day lenses before? All of the ones I’ve worn have been 3 – 6 month pairs because I always feel like it’s such a waste to throw them out after a single use (and the prices seem to add up). However, I was recently approached by a Hong Kong company called Pinkicon to try out a pair of their lenses and I decided to give the one-day set a go – partly because I was really curious about how these would differ from my long lasting ones, and also because I’ve never really worn brown contacts before! I often like bright, stand out colours that differ a lot from my original eyecolour, so I was interested to see how a subtle change would change my overall look.

These are from the Fairy brand by Sincere-Vision, a Japanese brand that seems to be really popular. Their Select range is, I guess, a selection of their best colours? These lenses are meant to give only a subtle moderate widening of the eyes (as they have a more natural radius) and the subtle colour is meant to add dimension to your iris, giving you a soft ‘dewy’ look. They’re super pretty and available on Pinkicon’s website for USD$20 for a pack of 10 (or 5 pairs)!

Now let’s move onto the review!

Pinkicon Pink Icon Contact Lenses Review Select Fairy Street Brown

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Review: Magic Snow Cushion Pink #03 (AprilSkin)

StyleKorean Kbeauty Review Aprilskin BB Cushion White Magic Snow

I hope everyone’s having a great weekend! I’ve been spending some time working out finances for my upcoming trip to Korea and… well, accidentally on purpose making some purchases on Gmarket. For now though, I’m going to restrain myself from spending for the next three weeks until I’m abroad. This is all the more reason to really dive into my reviews and talk about the wonderful things I’ve been trying lately. So, without further ado, here’s my review of April Skin’s Magic Snow Cushion Pink!

This is one of their new cushions (with a super improved packaging and logo design) and comes in four colours, three of which are colour correcting bases. I was really excited to try this and received it at the same time as the original cushion from StyleKorean. Compared to the white cushion, I definitely think that this rose gold case is a lot prettier and the holographic lettering is really eye-catching.

StyleKorean Kbeauty Review Aprilskin BB Cushion White Magic Snow

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Unboxing and Haul: My Korean Makeup

My Korean Makeup Kbeauty Review

Fact: getting packages in the mail makes my entire day better, even if it is a weekday and I’ve been half awake at my office desk for hours. It’s always been better when it’s a kbeauty delivery – which is exactly what happened a few days ago! Here’s a haul of a package I was sent from online store My Korean Makeup. They are a Norway based business, meaning that their website is superbly navigable for a foreign audience (like you and I) but have employees shipping from South Korea, meaning that they also get new, fresh stock at great prices.

The default currency is set to NOK, but I will usually change it to USD as that is the currency that Paypal uses. This is one of my favourite functions of the website, as I often get confused trying to convert prices from KRW; the only thing that could make this better would be having AUD as an option but since we are still a fairly small market, I’m not too surprised.

The overall selection at the store is a little limited, but they carry most of the popular brands and products so would still be suitable! I’m also told that they are restocking (and bringing in new stock) pretty much weekly, so I’m keeping my hand on the refresh button. For those who are new to kbeauty, they also have curated box sets (note: not a subscription box) to get you started.

Aside from free international shipping to all countries (except South Korea), My Korean Makeup also have a great return policy – full refunds are available within 30 days and, if the fault is theirs, they will also pay the shipping cost. They’re very responsive to email and actually have a contact sheet online too, so there’s no need to go digging for email addresses.

All in all, their website was super easy to navigate with a very secure check out system, so I would definitely recommend checking them out!

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Review: Full Cover Concealer (Aritaum)

Aritaum Full Cover Concealor Stick KollectionK Kbeauty Review

Please note that this post uses affiliate links, but I have not been paid to write this post. Any money made from affiliate links is invested back into the maintenance and updating content for this blog.

Concealer can either make or break your base make up and, honestly, I seldom get it right. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect concealer product for me and, at the moment, pretty much swear by Clio’s Kill Cover. It has been the only product that could simultaneously give me super high coverage (because I am a night owl and definitely need it) while not making my skin look super dry and aged. However, just because I found one thing that works pretty well, doesn’t mean I’m giving up on it all!

KollectionK sent me the following product for review and I was pretty excited to try it out. My friend Sophia uses the pot version of Aritaum’s Full Cover concealer, so I had high hopes for this. I chose to review the stick version instead though, as I find it a lot handier to carry around in my bag. I’ve used MAC’s studio sculpt pot concealer before, which had pretty good coverage, but felt it didn’t suit my on-the-go and hurry-up-you’re-late lifestyle very well.

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Review: Magic Snow Cushion White (AprilSkin)

StyleKorean Kbeauty Review Aprilskin BB Cushion White Magic Snow

I have heard so much about the April Skin cushions. They are a small South Korean brand and were relatively unknown until this product, which was raved about for it’s super high coverage, which went viral and also sold out in many places. From what I’m told, they are still rather small in South Korea, where the market is still dominated by big name brands like Innisfree, Nature Republic, Laneige and IOPE, but they definitely have a great international following. They have been reviewed a lot by asian beauty bloggers and youtubers alike, so I am relatively late coming onto this but… let’s go!

I personally love reviewing cushions and BB creams. I love how they look sitting with my make up because they’re all so different and make for very ‘collectable’ products. I also have very specific things that I look for in a cushion – buildable or high coverage, a dewy finish (which is why I personally steer away from matte finishes which simply don’t suit me) and how it sits on my skin. I’ll be keeping these attributes in mind while writing this review.

This product was sent to me for review by StyleKorean so if you’re interested in checking out their store, just click on their name to go to their home page.

StyleKorean Kbeauty Review Aprilskin BB Cushion White Magic Snow

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