Review: White Milk Cushion (3CE)

BB Cosmetics Review Kbeauty Beauty Asian Korean Cosmetics Skincare 3CE Stylenanda White Milk Cushion

So many people have been talking about 3CE’s new White Milk line and I was so happy that BB Cosmetic gave me the opportunity to try and review these products. Before receiving them, I had actually not looked into their products aside from the (super cute) packaging. I don’t regularly use any of 3CE’s products but I do love their lip colours – intense pigmentation and trendy packaging. Personally, I’m a little hesitant about using their base products or skin care, only because 3CE is a trend brand and (from what I know) operates as a sub-brand of fashion label Stylenanda. I’m generally very hesitant about brands that do not specialise in skin care but choose to dabble.

For the sake of this review though (and the fact that this really is super cute), I decided why not! Let’s give it a go and find out whether my concerns are true or not.

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Below is the cover of the cushion. I love the simple illustration; from a design perspective, it has a lot of personality and really helps to tie in their entire collection. The packaging is plastic and looks a little basic, but is actually quite sturdy. I would be a little worried to carry it around all the time but only because I think the white will dirty easily. The casing doesn’t seem fragile at all.

The cover over the cushion is quite firm, so it keeps the product moisture in well. You’ll have to really push it open. The mirror is a little small for my liking, only because I’m used to the IOPE and Clio cushion packing. It’s pretty obvious that the packaging of this product is targeted towards the young and trend conscious. It is minimalist and elegant, but definitely plays into what is ‘in’ right now.

I like it though. It’s exactly my style!

BB Cosmetics Review Kbeauty Beauty Asian Korean Cosmetics Skincare 3CE Stylenanda White Milk Cushion

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Unboxing: BB Cosmetic

BB Cosmetics Review Kbeauty Beauty Asian Korean Cosmetics Skincare

As a blogger, I feel like I am so lucky to be able to work with people who also love what I love – Asian beauty products and quality service. For this upcoming post, I have been sent a package from BB Cosmetic of some of their top selling products to review. While I will be leaving the real, in-depth information for the individual posts, this is going to be a review of my experience with BB Cosmetic in general (as well as showing you the goodies that I was sent).

Get 8% off your purchase with my coupon code: QAL3F6ZA8YZ

Click the banner below to visit their store:

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I found BB Cosmetic through another blogger’s instagram posts and, after checking their website, was immediately drawn to the wide variety of brands that they carry. Of course, once again, they don’t have everything in every brand, but I find that they seem to carry a lot of trendier brands or even smaller brands that are not as easily accessible internationally (more expensive brands like VDL come to mind, as well as Laniege). When I emailed them, I spoke to Chloe who was very polite and helpful with great English skills too! After talking to her, I expressed my interest in products from 3CE, Too Cool For School and VDL – brands which I saw often in Korea but not so much now that I am back in Sydney.

I’m so excited because, after talking to them, Chloe said that they would be sending out these products for me to test!

So aside from these really exciting things that they’ve sent me, let’s talk about their website and services (the product reviews can come later).

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