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My Korean Makeup Kbeauty Review Tonymoly BCDation

Hi everyone! I really wanted to get one last review out before I head off to Seoul tomorrow morning, so I thought that this would be a good post to go with. It’s also very possible that I’ll write up some stuff before boarding my plane (as I’m wanting to schedule a few posts to go in between my travel posts too) so don’t think I’ll be silent for the next nineteen days! In fact, I’ll be extra talkative.

I proved myself wrong!

Hi all; it looks like I’m finally back from my Korea trip with a lot of photos and videos to share, new products to review and some others that I’ve been testing and need to catch up on. Without further ado, let’s roll right back into it with a new review!

This is Tonymoly’s BCDation Plus, a liquid base make up that combines BB/CC Cream with Foundation. This isn’t the first that I’ve heard of this formula, as I think Clio do something similar as well, but I was wanting to try this because my favourite Youtuber SINNIM has said some good things about this product. I was tossing between the cushion and the liquid version, but I chose to go with this bottle simply because I have been using a lot more cushions lately (when, funnily enough, I usually prefer bottled BB creams) and this one contains a lot more product than the standard cushion. It’s been said that there is little to no different between the two though.

I received this product to review from My Korean Makeup and you can check out their website to purchase this (or anything else).

My Korean Makeup Kbeauty Review Tonymoly BCDation My Korean Makeup Kbeauty Review Tonymoly BCDation My Korean Makeup Kbeauty Review Tonymoly BCDation My Korean Makeup Kbeauty Review Tonymoly BCDation

Let’s start off with the description from their product page:

Combining all the benefits from BB, CC cream and Foundation, TONYMOLY BCDATION Plus provides light and natural covering (BB cream), moist and comfortable application (CC cream) and excellent covering for blemishes and trouble spot (foundation). Comes in #1 pink beige for those with pink, bluish-red, cooler undertone and #2 natural beige for those with yellow-to-olive skin tone. #3 warm beige for those with for those with tanned, darker skin tone. SPF 30 PA++ 

The packaging of the product is really simple and classy (which I love). The bottle is glass, so it’s a bit heavy to carry around but is suited for having at home. The cushion version is definitely better to keep in your bag.

The box is a basic shape, so nothing outstanding there, and the actual bottle is very sturdy. The lid clicks on firmly and, during travel, I don’t think I would be worried about this opening up. There’s a lot more product in this compared to the cushion (as usual), so if you’re a bit money conscious or want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth – this is definitely the way to go.

My Korean Makeup Kbeauty Review Tonymoly BCDation My Korean Makeup Kbeauty Review Tonymoly BCDation My Korean Makeup Kbeauty Review Tonymoly BCDation

Although the design is simple, I love the clean lines. I feels like the design is actually well considered and I like that it isn’t too childish and cute – which is sometimes an issue with road shop brands.

The bottle had a easy to use pump dispenser, which is actually quite sturdy and smooth (or, at least, my bottle is) making it really easy to control how much product to use. I usually use 1 – 2 pumps. I would use more if I wanted to build up a heavier coverage, but I generally go for a more natural finish.

Overall, I think the packaging for the BCDation Plus is pretty good! It stands easily, looks classy, is strong and high quality. The only downside would be the weight, which means it is difficult to use for touch ups and will be heavier when you go travelling. It does make up for it in the amount of product you get though, and it isn’t too hard to decant some into a travel bottle when needed.

My Korean Makeup Kbeauty Review Tonymoly BCDation My Korean Makeup Kbeauty Review Tonymoly BCDation My Korean Makeup Kbeauty Review Tonymoly BCDation My Korean Makeup Kbeauty Review Tonymoly BCDation My Korean Makeup Kbeauty Review Tonymoly BCDation

As you can see, I get a slight brightening effect with the 21 shade, which is exactly what I like the wear. The finish is a semi-matte with a medium, buildable coverage. Application is easy and even, best applied with a beauty blender. A wet blender will, generally, give you a more natural finish with lighter coverage. The BB cream wore well throughout the day, though I did notice a little caking later in the afternoon (around 4pm or 5pm, which is a good 9 or 10 hours after the initial application).

For this product, it’s important to consider what you wear underneath though.

I found that I got the longest wear when I used the Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel as a base, as it calms and lightly hydrates your skin without leaving any residue (though can get drier, faster). For others, such as Etude House’s Moistfull Collagen, the BB cream had a tendency to cake and become patchy rather quickly, even if you give it time to absorb. The reason is that the skin can become greasier, faster.

Basically, you should use a more matte finish or a light primer for best results.

My Korean Makeup Kbeauty Review Tonymoly BCDation

Here comes the verdict!


A semi-matte BB cream in a glass pump bottle.


  • Sophisticated and simple packaging
  • Easy to use pump dispenser
  • You get a lot of product
  • Stands well
  • Buildable formula
  • Good shade accuracy (not too ashy either)
  • Wears and adheres well
  • Natural finish
  • Easy to apply and blend


  • Not portable (for travel or touch ups)
  • Cant be easily affected by base skincare
  • Will cake a little later on in the day
  • Semi-matte formula may accentuate very dry skin


I liked the BCDation! Although I won’t rush out to buy it (as I have so many others to test), this one along with my MISSHA BB Cream are two products that I would return to in the future. I think that this formula would be especially good in summer where I won’t like to use completely matte formulas, but it is also too hot to use my usual dewy bases.


If you want smooth, even BB cream application, the condition of your skin is very important! Rather than hydrating it in the morning, take better care of your skin overnight so that it is ready and prepped for your make up routine. During the day, use a lighter moisturiser as a base if needed – gel based works best, in my opinion, and creams may cause your foundation to slip and cake.


You can get this at My Korean Makeup for the sale price of USD$14.40. Click the banner below to check them out:

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