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Beautynetkorea Kbeauty Review Lioele Dollish BB Cream

This post has actually taken me forever to write. A lot of posts the past two weeks have felt like they’re taking a really long time, but I guess that I’m just spending more time testing these products properly – as well as spending more time at the gym and really taking care of myself. Either way, I get so excited when ever I receive packages (whether it’s something I bought or samples I’ve been sent to review) that it’s like Christmas came early! Today, I’m going to be doing a bit of a haul post on the package that Beautynetkorea sent me, full of fun things to review and most (if not all) of which are completely new to me. Some of these they had chosen for me and others I had asked if they could send as I had been looking forward to trying them.

Overall, I had a good experience with Beautynetkorea and I think they have very helpful and fast customer service. The first package they had sent me was damaged in transit (one item was damaged in storage I think and other had leaked) so I contacted them immediately with photos. I was very surprised when they replied to me really quickly, within twelve hours even though the original email was sent in the middle of the night. They offered to resend the package, which they did, with a few new products.

I’ll talk more about this at the end of the review though. For now, here’s what I got!

Beautynetkorea Kbeauty ReviewBeautynetkorea Kbeauty Review Beautynetkorea Kbeauty Review

Beautynetkorea (from here on known as BNK) were really sweet and send me a bunch of samples to test along with the full sized products. I found it a little strange that these samples were bubble wrapped but, hey, everything else was as well. I’ve never used any of the products here and I noticed that I have a bit of a hoarding problem when it comes to samples, so I’m definitely going to go through them in the upcoming weeks. I’ll be heading off to South Korea soon again, so it’ll be good to try all of these samples at least once before I go so I know if there is something I want to buy the full-size of. So far, there’s already a few.

I think that BNK are quite generous with their samples, especially considering that this is a PR package and not a paid-for order. They also give you a good variety of different things with a few packets of each so you can test them properly. I’m probably the most excited to try the black snail cream, because I love snail products. Second off would probably be the banana hand milk.

Why? Because I love bananas and haven’t been able to eat them lately because of the high sugar content (this is also my reason for wanting to try the avocado mask, so go figure).

ETUDE HOUSE – Wonder Pore Balancing Cream | Buy it here

Beautynetkorea Kbeauty Review Wonderpore Cream Etude House

One of the products that they surprised with me is Etude House’ Wonder pore Balancing Cream. I actually haven’t looked too much into this line, though a friend of mine was absolutely obsessed with their toner a year ago. This product is supposed to balance out your skin hydration and oil secretion, therefore minimising blackheads and clogged pores. I have genetically larger pores so they have been a big problem for me since elementary school (amongst other things) so I’ve tried a lot of different products and skin care regimes.

The most helpful for me have been Innisfree Volcanic Clay Masks, which have cleared my pores really well. I’m also a big fan of pore strips (because I have a lot of fun tearing them off) but haven’t found anything that really cleared it yet. I look forward to finding out how I go with this and I’ve been testing it for a while now, in combination with different products or at different points of my nightly skincare routine too.

Beautynetkorea Kbeauty Review Wonderpore Cream Etude House Beautynetkorea Kbeauty Review Lioele Dollish BB Cream

LIOLE – Dollish Veil Vita BB Cream | Buy me here

Next is the Lioele Dollish Veil Vita BB! I had actually been wanting to try this because my friend had told me about it, and I was rather interested in seeing how the ‘colour change’ element works (and if it holds up as it is supposed to). I received the purple colour in the first package but, with some items being damaged, BNK also resent this one to me in the green. Since I have both of them now, I figured that I would test both and give everyone and compare/contrast on which one I like more and why.

I’m going to be testing this BB cream out on different occasions, so you’ll most likely see this featured on my Instagram at times. BNK is actually the only place I saw online that has this Lioele BB cream. I know that they have since come out with a new formula too, but I was wanting to try this one the most. I’m excited!

Note: Look at how pretty these hard plastic bottles are!

Beautynetkorea Kbeauty Review Lioele Dollish BB Cream Beautynetkorea Kbeauty Review Lioele Dollish BB Cream Beautynetkorea Kbeauty Review Etude House Olemong Sherbet Cleanser

ETUDE HOUSE – O-Le-Mong One Shot Sherbet Cleanser | Buy me here

This is one of the products that had leaked in the original parcel so I was really amused to see that BNK had further bubble wrapped this to ensure that it wouldn’t be hurt again in transit (thank you so much, guys!). I avoided using oil cleansers in the past because I was worried about getting break outs, but I’ll definitely be using this one (a lot) and letting you guys know how it goes!

When this product was first suggested to me, I was a little unsure but I’m really glad that BNK sent this over. The product smells and looks great. The main issue with the first tub was that it had melted during transit and leaked past the protective covering and onto the box. The second that they sent was not only super bubble wrapped, but also in absolutely perfect condition.

Beautynetkorea Kbeauty Review Etude House Olemong Sherbet Cleanser Beautynetkorea Kbeauty Review Etude House Olemong Sherbet CleanserBeautynetkorea Kbeauty Review Etude House Olemong Sherbet CleanserBeautynetkorea Kbeauty Review Lador Perfect Fill Up

LADOR – Perfect Hair Fill Up | Buy me here

And lastly, they also sent me two tubes of the La’dor Perfect Hair Fill-Up! Before having this product suggested to me, I’d actually never heard of it. It is apparently really popular and often used in salons as a hair treatment, as is meant to smooth and repair damaged hair. For myself, my hair has been lightened through home dye and bleached, as well as permed (though I’m unsure if any of that perm still exists since I cut it short) so, simply put, I’m pretty sure I have some hair damage to deal with.

I’ll definitely take a before and after photo of this (even if it isn’t all that pretty, because straight hair photos are never pretty for me) and I really hope that it works well. If it does, then it’ll easily become a holy grail product for me! I’m usually really bad at my hair and don’t use treatments at all, so it will thank me.

Beautynetkorea Kbeauty Review Lador Perfect Fill Up

So that’s an overview of all the pretty goodies that Beautynetkorea sent for me to review! Are there any products that you’re especially keen for or maybe even different products that you want my views on? Feel free to leave a comment or message me on Instagram (I’m always on). If you’re interested in any of the products that I’ve mentioned above, just click the below link to check out BNK’s website!

Beautynetkorea Review Kbeauty Banner

Now for the verdict:


From what I searched up, I think that Beautynetkorea definitely has fair prices that would compete with the other online stores that I’ve looked at. They have a ‘sample shop’ which is really good for people who want to test new products (especially if you have sensitive skin) and a wholesale store which is good for bulk buying your staple items. Wholesale items are generally sold in packs of 10 and have an approximate 20% discount.


My packages from Beautynetkorea arrived in a very timely manner – the first parcel took five days and the second took three days. They’re very quick and dispatched the package (and gave me the tracking) right away. As was noted at the beginning of the review, the first package did arrive damaged. However, they responded to my email within 12 hours and had the new parcel dispatched that same day.

Although I was a bit disappointed about the first damaged parcel (and, if you think about, businesses will generally take extra care with PR samples too because they want good reviews), I sincerely think it wasn’t their fault and their fast response and efforts to correct it has definitely fixed it up for me!


Beautynetkorea doesn’t have a live chat function, unfortunately, which is the first thing I always look for when it comes to online stores. However, they are so timely and consistent with their emails (I even know that most responses from them arrive at 6PM my time, or 2PM-ish) that I would rate their communication fairly well! Their English is very good and they really do their best to satisfy the customer.


Although there were some snags along the way, I really did enjoy working with Beautynetkorea. I think they communicated very well, were very clear and understandable, and worked very quickly and consistently. Some of the stock on their website seems to be a bit dated (as my friend pointed out she recognised some Etude House products from the last Christmas special), so if you are looking only for the latest products, I think it will be best to go in knowing what you want to buy.

However, they do carry some less common brands – Lador, Secret Key, Mizon, and Skin79 which is definitely a special find. I like that BNK isn’t afraid to carry these brands and those that are more suitable for a foreign audience (like Crystal Dia which had a Halal certificate) so I super commend them for this!

I would definitely look to Beautynetkorea in the future if I am shopping, especially if it is for a more obscure brand or if I am looking for something more specific. I think they will be a great choice for someone wanting to step outside the usual Innisfree, Etude House, Skinfood mainstream circles.

So that’s all from me today, guys! I hope you liked this post and I’m so looking forward to testing and sharing with everyone the pro’s and cons about how this turns out. BNK is already a big business and they have years of experience under their belt, so I’m so thankful to them for supporting my blog, supporting my love for beauty and being so helpful with this process.

Until next time!

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