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StyleKorean Review Kbeauty 16 Brand Brick It Shadow Hit 10 Candy Rock

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You know those special, pretty products that you see online (usually on Instagram) and you sort of fawn over them for a really long time? This palette from 16 Brand was one of them. I first came across this candy coloured product on social media and I had looked over all of the official swatches and videos, but I couldn’t find anywhere online that stocked it. Unfortunately, 16 Brand is still a little bit hard to get outside of Korea – the only online store that I have found is StyleKorean and, actually, they only recently stocked this palette.

This is from their Brickit Shadow Hit 10 collection, of which there was previously a Choco set. This Candy Rock palette features 10 shimmering, unicorn candy colours that range from pastel pinks and purples, to beautiful coppers. All of the colours are shimmers, of course, so this isn’t a palette that you can use on its own. However, from the photos that I saw, the product promised some really interesting and unique shades that worked amazingly for point colours.

I received this palette from StyleKorean for review, where you can buy it (or a range of other 16 Brand products) for USD$28.97. Check out their website, but first let’s get into the review.

StyleKorean Review Kbeauty 16 Brand Brick It Shadow Hit 10 Candy RockStyleKorean Review Kbeauty 16 Brand Brick It Shadow Hit 10 Candy Rock

The palette comes in a slim and light weight plastic packaging – as usual with a lot of 16 Brand products, I love the design of the packaging. I also like that they haven’t used the standard black paper box for this (which was what I didn’t like) and that the paper packaging for this (pictured above) actually looks a bit more substantial and has a very bold design. This is definitely something that I would happily buy as a gift – or to treat myself.

I love the really cute concept of the packaging! Looking at the pack, you can see that they’ve listed out the colours with retro, video game style hearts. The pastel pattern on the front is also reminiscent of rock candy and, overall, the product gives me a very youthful and playful vibe.

This palette is promoted as a multi kit that can be used as eyeshadow, blusher and highlighter with its sweet colours like a candy. I primarily used this as an eyeshadow; though I can see how it might be used as a blusher or highlighter, the pans are pretty small and narrow, which made it harder to apply. The colours are also pretty unique and, while they’re appropriate on the eyes, feel a little too striking as a highlighter or blusher for every day wear.

StyleKorean Review Kbeauty 16 Brand Brick It Shadow Hit 10 Candy Rock StyleKorean Review Kbeauty 16 Brand Brick It Shadow Hit 10 Candy Rock

And above (and below) is the inside of the palette! To be honest, the plastic feels a little bit flimsy compared to some more expensive palettes that you might get as Sephora, but it’s still relatively sturdy. The light weight would make it suitable for travel, but it wouldn’t be a full enough colour selection. The mirror is really nice and large, so I’ve had an easy time carrying this one around for retouches. There aren’t many palettes that would fit so easily in a make up bag.

This Candy Rock palette also comes with a double ended brush, but it’s quite interesting. I was expecting to get a synthetic hair brush but, instead, we are given a very unique sponge tip applicator. As you can see below, one side is fatter and suitable for packing on product to the upper eyelid. The thinner applicator is really great for the lower lash line and smaller areas. I tried to apply the product with these and a blending brush, and a found that the sponge applicator made the pigment appear substantially brighter. However, a brush is needed if you want to blend it out properly. It’s not hard to use, but it certainly isn’t as quick as an average shadow.

StyleKorean Review Kbeauty 16 Brand Brick It Shadow Hit 10 Candy Rock StyleKorean Review Kbeauty 16 Brand Brick It Shadow Hit 10 Candy Rock StyleKorean Review Kbeauty 16 Brand Brick It Shadow Hit 10 Candy Rock

And above is the swatches on my hand. For this, I used my finger and did a single swipe application – that is, I didn’t layer the product to build up the colour. The pigmentation is a little brighter in real life but, overall, there is no way that it has the opacity that is shown in the official swatches (which you can see here). Once again, I think that 16 Brand has misrepresented themselves in swatches, which seems to be a bit of an issue with their marketing.

However, the make up looks that were shown on their Instagram are definitely achievable with this palette and, though it is more sheer than I anticipated, the colours are still really pretty, striking and unique. I particularly love their purple, blue and bronze shade (which is the most opaque out of the bunch). I tend to reach for this palette when I’m feeling a little lifeless and want to give my make up look a bit of a perk. It’s not really a daily, all-purpose sort of product, but it is a fun addition to have.

The shadows also don’t crease through the day for me (even without a primer, as I usually test on bare lids) and don’t fade! They last well until I get home, though I do need to reapply for lower eyelids and inner corners because my eyes are extremely watery and I seem to accidentally wipe it off.

The shimmers look great all over the eyelid, but can also be used sparingly as an inner corner or aegyosal highlight (which I love it for). I didn’t notice any fall out from this product and it applies very smooth – no chunks or loose glitters. Interestingly, I think that the included sponge applicator is actually the best to use for this product, though a blending brush is also good to have on hand to blend out lines.

It can also be used for highlighter and blush but, as I mentioned before, the pans are pretty small to use as a highlighter. I tried it out just using my finger and it doesn’t blend well enough for that so, the only way around it is to use a big brush and pick up multiple colours for a ‘rainbow highlighter’ effect. It’s definitely pretty and I would absolutely buy it if it came in a large pan form but – still – I think the packaging is a little too restrictive to consider this a highlighter.

And, here’s the verdict!


A palette of 10 shimmering candy-themed eyeshadows


  • Great packaging
  • Lightweight to carry around
  • Pretty and unique colours
  • Buildable to an extent
  • Doesn’t crease and lasts well through the day
  • Great effect with the sponge applicator
  • Smooth formula with no fall out


  • Not suitable used on its own (colours are better as a highlight shade)
  • Online swatches are inaccurate
  • Lighter colours are sheerer than expected


  • PACKAGING | 4/5
  • PRICE POINT | 3/5
  • COLOURS | 5/5
  • FORMULA | 4/5
  • LONG WEARING | 4/5



Although it is inaccurate to the online swatches (something I seriously wish 16 Brand would hurry up and fix!) the palette is still really fun to play with and it has a great formula. The colour selection is also really interesting and can make for a really unique look. However, I definitely don’t see this palette as an essential and I wouldn’t consider it a must have for everyone’s make up collection.

If these sort of pretty, candy unicorn colours are your thing, then this is absolutely worth checking out and you wouldn’t regret it. If you’re more into mattes, neutrals or wearable daily make up looks, this perhaps it is better to give this one a pass and try out something else from the brand – like their Choco palette!


The Candy Rock Palette is available at StyleKorean for USD$28.97. Click their name to go to their homepage or, alternatively, click the below banner to go to the product page:

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