Review: Cleopatra 24K Gold Hydrogel Mask (Kiyora Japan)

Alphabeauty Japanese Beauty Review

I’ve been complaining a lot about the dry, cold weather here in Sydney. With it now moving into spring and with me having terrible allergies, it honestly isn’t getting much better. For that reason, I’ve been using sheet masks more frequently lately – goat’s milk, snail (of course), hyaluronic acid and now… 24k gold. I’m personally a big fan of hydrogel masks because I like how firmly they stay on the face. I’m not a very ‘lie back and relax’ sort of person so I like to keep working while the mask is doing its magic.

The benefit of hydromasks, aside from their stickiness, is that the gel allows the essence to be absorbed slower, giving your skin more time to really drink it all up. Most of them have a good cooling effect as well, which is great on hot days or days when you’ve been out in the sun. The downside, I find, is that these masks tend to have a lot less essence and a thinner formula than the average sheet masks – something that I noticed, but may not necessarily be fact.

Overall, I do really enjoy hydromasks so I had a lot of fun trying this one. If you’d also like to grab one, they’re available on Alpha Beauty – who so kindly sent me these to review!

Cleopatra Gold Hydrogel Mask Alphabeauty Japanese Beauty Review Cleopatra Gold Hydrogel Mask Alphabeauty Japanese Beauty Review

I think I mentioned this before, but this mask is a hydrogel mask that contains 24K gold. Though the website doesn’t state it, I assume that it’s function is to hydrate and nourish the skin – pretty standard in sheet mask skin care, but so essential. The mask comes in two parts so it is easy to fit closely onto the face; I could personally smooth it out to the point where there were almost no creases. It fits like a glove.

The 24K gold isn’t immediately visible (as it isn’t in flakes or something) but you do see a shimmer in the gel. 24K refers to the purity of the gold and is one of the most pure forms of gold that you can get – if not the most pure – and this ingredient has been getting a lot more popular lately though I haven’t tried it long term.

For this mask, you can leave it on for 20 minutes and you’re done! I liked that the formula wasn’t slick or too soaking wet. As with most hydrogel masks, there is little excess essence to collect – which is probably why they don’t slip off your face. The product was cooling and soothing on the skin and left my skin feeling very hydrated, moisturised and fresh.

Here’s the verdict!


A two part hydrogel mask with 24K gold to hydrate and nourish your skin.


  • Very good fit
  • Effective in hydrating
  • Soothing and cooling for the skin
  • Light and minimal rose scent – not overpowering for me, and I’m allergic to pollen
  • Affordable with free shipping for purchases over $50


  • Perhaps not enough essence
  • Don’t leave it on for longer than 20 minutes, or it will dry out your skin


This was my first foray into 24K gold products and I will definitely be trying out more of them in the future. I would be interested in purchasing a few more of these for my mum and sister to try out. I personally like it as well, but I think I will keep shopping around and test out more products with this (luxurious) ingredient!


Although it is tempting, I don’t recommend leaving this on your skin or too long past the recommended time though because, even though the gel is still sticky and may feel cool, it is adhering to your skin too harshly due to its dryness and can dry you out even more!


Click the below banner to go straight to the product page for them – they’re only USD$5.95 for two sheets. Alpha Beauty also has a great range of other Japanese beauty products, so check them out as well:

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