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16Brand Chosungah22 Colorrulez Lipgloss Stylekorean Review

This product was sent to me by StyleKorean for review purposes. I was not paid for this post but please note that affiliate links are used on my blog. These go towards supporting Oh My Stellar and future content.

I first saw this lip tint/gloss from 16Brand on Instagram (shout out to my friend mabub.sonyeo for sending me a photo of her one and showing me how the colour mixed), and I was ridiculously keen to get my hands on it. I’ve always been a fan of 16Brand products because of their super cute packaging and concepts, although the formulations of their fingerpens turned out to be a hit or miss for me. Either way, I was really keen to try out this lip product because of the packaging (lets not lie) and the fact that the swatches really do look great online!

These lip tints are layers with three different colours to create a beautiful colour on your lips that you can (hypothetically) darken by redipping into the top layer and reapplying – though this seems a little excess. This tint gloss also contains hydrolyzed collagen which, to be honest, I’m not sure if it makes a cosmetic difference but it’s good to know.

StyleKorean sent me a few of these lip tint glosses to try out and I’ve been testing them out for a while – finally ready to write about it! Read on for my thoughts!

16Brand Chosungah22 Colorrulez Lipgloss Stylekorean Review

So the packaging of these lip tint glosses is similar to the fingerpens, in that they come in a simple matte black box. The design is quite bold and I like that the colour gradient reflects the product inside. However, the fact that you can’t really predict the shade that you’re buying is a bit of an issue. Essentially, there are three colours: red (blue parfait), dark pink (yellow blast) and light pink (pink mellow) but it is difficult to make a good judgement of the exact undertone.

There is also a sticker on top with a star shape (the same as the fingerpens) that show the gradient colour choice again.

So for this review, StyleKorean sent me two of the three shades:

  • Blue Parfait – a combination of red, baby pink and sky blue
  • Yellow Blast – a combination of pink, peach and yellow

I was fairly certain that the deeper red colour would work well on my skin tone, mostly because I wear that colour a lot, and I had a good feeling about yellow blast too as the colour has that similar juiciness to it. Although Pink Mellow was also very pretty, opaque light pinks tend to make my skin tone look dulled out so I chose to avoid that one.

16Brand Chosungah22 Colorrulez Lipgloss Stylekorean Review 16Brand Chosungah22 Colorrulez Lipgloss Stylekorean Review 16Brand Chosungah22 Colorrulez Lipgloss Stylekorean Review

16Brand Chosungah22 Colorrulez Lipgloss Stylekorean Review 16Brand Chosungah22 Colorrulez Lipgloss Stylekorean Review

So above are the two lip tint glosses! I love the three layered design – it’s ridiculously pretty and also makes for a great photo. Unfortunately though, as you use it, the three layers will start to combine and I have to be pretty careful when taking the applicator out to ensure that I don’t mess up the sides.

The packaging is quite sturdy and is a bit thicker than usual lip glosses. It is made from a thick plastic with a matte cap and bold, printed text. Overall, it really does look great and I haven’t had issues with the paint scratching or rubbing off (unlike Colourpop).

The doe foot applicator is actually quite big compared to the usual side, and it feels very sturdy with a flat tip. This is really good for getting an even and quick application on the lips (in particular the middle) though it is a bit messy for the corners, so I usually have to clean that up myself.

That being said, this sort of larger tip is probably best for this product. The formula is quite thick, which is why the colour can be easily built up to be stronger, and the gloss gives your lips a very plump appearance – as you will see in the below swatches.16Brand Chosungah22 Colorrulez Lipgloss Stylekorean Review 16Brand Chosungah22 Colorrulez Lipgloss Stylekorean Review 16Brand Chosungah22 Colorrulez Lipgloss Stylekorean Review

Swatches are above! I can very easily apply more of the product to get the same colour vibrancy but that also means that there’s a lot of gloss on my lips and, since we’ve moved past the super wet look of my childhood, I don’t think I’m quite ready for that.

The formula is semi-opaque and can be sheered out for a light wash of colour, or applied thicker for a real pop. It smells really great in the tube, like a fruity candy scent, but isn’t overwhelming once it is applied. The formula is also non-sticky and it makes your lips look and feel smooth and plump – the gloss fills out any fine lines to give the appearance of a fuller pout; however, this doesn’t stop your hair from sticky when it’s particularly windy.

My main concern with this formula is how it wears. As a tint gloss, obviously, it will transfer and be gone after you eat. The problem is that it doesn’t fade completely evenly and remnants of the pigmentation may settle into dry skin. This can make your reapplication a bit patchy if you don’t completely wipe it off first, and it isn’t very pretty at that stage. Still, my lips feel good when I use it (unlike with matte lipsticks) and the colour is pretty – I’m actually interested to try the Pink Mellow colour sometime too, since that one had a layer of glitter in it (I think).

See below for my verdict! Have you guys tried out this product before? I’d be keen to hear your thoughts.


Thick, pigmented lip glosses with three layers of colour that combine


  • Cute concept
  • Sturdy and bold packaging – looks great
  • Colour coded and easy to read box (unlike the fingerpen)
  • Formula smells great and isn’t overwhelming when applied
  • Makes lips look smoother and plumper
  • Easy to sheer out (for lighter colour pigmentation)
  • Hydrating upon initial application
  • Applicator makes for faster and even application


  • Limited colour range (only three shades)
  • Triple layer of colours mix as you use it – you have to be careful
  • Difficult to apply the corners neatly
  • Short wear time and pigmentation clings to dry skin


Although I don’t think that this is the perfect gloss, I did have a great time using them and I’ll keep using them too. The colours are pretty and it smells good, has an interesting concept, so I would recommend these for people to try out! They’re great on a day when you just want something quick and easy.

I hope that 16Brand will bring out more colours in the future, and I’ll definitely be looking to try out the third shade too!


These ColorRulez Tint Glosses are available at StyleKorean for USD$14.02. Click their name to go to their homepage or, alternatively, click the below banner to go to the brand page:

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