Review: Dear My Lips (Etude House)

Etude House My Universe Holiday Collection Kbeauty Review

I bought this product with my own money from the official store. However, this post also contains affiliate links as an alternative shopping recommendation. These go towards supporting Oh My Stellar and future content.

Like a lot of Etude House products, I had been eying the Dear My Lips lipsticks for a while but I hadn’t really tried them out yet. The idea of being able to pick your own lipstick case and shade seemed really fun, especially for someone like myself who is so pedantic about packaging design. I really liked some of the original cases, which were really graphic and had an almost pop art aesthetic.

For their Holiday Collection (which was released in December and I’m still here reviewing in January because why not?) they released a few galaxy themed cases and also some limited edition shades. When I was in store, I ended up picking two of their cases and one of the limited edition colours and one from the permanent collection (since I felt like some of the holiday shades were similar to what I already owned). One of these has a metallic finish and the other is matte.

So, for today’s review, I’m just going to give you a quick look and what I got and give you my thoughts on the product. This is really only applicable for these two shades, since I feel like Etude House formulas often change according to the colour. I’m super keen to try out more of these in the future and I’ll keep posting more as I do too.

Etude House My Universe Holiday Collection Kbeauty Review

So the first colour that I got, and the one that immediately caught my attention in the Holiday collection, is PP502 – it is a purple metallic colour that layers well on top of other shades as well. The formula feels thin and light on the lips, applying without any patchiness. It is also surprisingly hydrating and doesn’t crumble – which is rare when it comes to metallic lip colours. I usually avoid them for this reason.

The case that I chose is from the Holiday collection too and has a dark, holographic colour with a subtle pink galaxy print. It was definitely my favourite out of everything that I saw! Personally, Etude House wins for me where it comes to cute (but also not cheap looking) designs.

Etude House My Universe Holiday Collection Kbeauty Review

The second shade that I got is BE101, which is a matte finish, MLBB shade from the permanent collection. This has a slight rose tone which is really flattering and very suitable for daily use too – it’s the perfect colour if you want to give these lipsticks a try and don’t know what to go for. That being said, I found that the matte formula was a bit drying and had a tendency to transfer, so I wouldn’t say that this is my favourite. I still like the idea of picking my (cute) case though and the product is pretty affordable, so I still think it’s okay!

For the case, this is another one from the Holiday collection but – to be honest – I picked it because the cute ones from the original collection was sold out. This has a duo colour case with both light and dark purple; holographic, of course. I think it would have been better if it has a print design like the other one too but, instead, this just seems a bit too plain to me.

Etude House My Universe Holiday Collection Kbeauty Review

And above is a swatch of the two colours! As you can see, the metallic shade looks absolutely stunning and, while it can be layered on top of others, it also isn’t sheer at all and can be worn by itself. The MLBB colour is really pretty and opaque with a single swipe, though the formula is more drying and would require a primer underneath. Both of these aren’t very long wearing and transfer off when you eat or drink, so reapplication through the day is needed. However, it isn’t patchy or thick when you do so it’s pretty easy.

The cases are pretty, though I do prefer the first one, and it’s also sturdy – I don’t have any issues with it becoming damaged or opening in my bag. I’m not sure if the print will scratch off but, so far, I haven’t had that problem. The case also closes magnetically, which is a classy touch!

The lipstick tube inserts and click into place very simply too. Overall, the product has a good, functional design and the aesthetic of it is super cute too.

Here’s the verdict!


A wide range of lipsticks with interchangeable cases


  • Super cute packaging choices
  • Sturdy, magnetically closing case
  • Wide colour range
  • Vibrant and opaque colours
  • Easy to put together
  • Better for the environment (you can put in a refill without buying a new case or adding into waste)
  • Affordable


  • Matte formula is drying
  • Quality is inconsistent across colours and formulas
  • Average wear and not transfer proof
  • Case and lipstick is sold separately – it would be good if they had ‘sets’ of this too for people who just want to try it out


  • PACKAGING | 4/5
  • PRICE POINT | 4/5
  • FORMULA | 3/5
  • COLOUR RANGE | 5/5



I don’t think that the formula of these are perfect but I would still recommend checking them out for the concept and novelty alone! They’ve also released some more limited edition cases and I can see that this will continue to be incentive for me to buy more of these rather than needing more colours. The inconsistency between colours and formulas is also something that I hope they address in the future – this is an issue with their eyeshadows too.


I bought this palette in the physical store but you can also get them from W2Beauty (now rebranded as BeautyTap) where they sell both the Matte lipsticks for USD$7 and the Original Cases for USD$4 – so that is USD$11 for the set. You can also use my code – ohmystellar15 – for 15% off!

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