Review: Dollish Veil Vita BB (Lioele)

Beautynetkorea Kbeauty Review Lioele Dollish BB Cream

A super exhausting few days means that updates and new posts have been slightly delayed on my end, so I have to apologize for that! However, I am back and here with another review of a product I’ve been meaning to try for quite a while – Lioele’s Dollish Veil Vita BB. I’ve had this product recommended to me a few times and I thought that the colour correction/changing function was quite unique. However, I’ve never actually used anything from Lioele before so I was interested to see how this would perform.

I think that, since this product, they have also released a new, similar (?) CC cream version (correct me if I’m wrong). This product was sent to me for review by Beautynetkorea so if you’ve like to get your hands on this, or search for the new products to test, just click on their name!

And now, moving on, let’s look at these BB creams! I received both colours for this – green and purple. Presumably, the green can be used to counter redness while the purple would even and brighten your overall skin tone. I often use a colour correcting base under my make up, though the actual colour often varies. I don’t have too much redness, but am prone to some uneven skin tone and yellow/sallow skin (thanks to sleepless nights).

This BB cream is meant to adapt to your skin colour, which would be good for those who have difficulty finding good matches. However, being approximately a #21 (or #23 darkest) myself, I am a little hesitant to say this will work for darker skin tones without making your base too ashy.

Beautynetkorea Kbeauty Review Lioele Dollish BB Cream

Please note that I have added additional thoughts to this post as, upon more testing, my thoughts have changed

Anyway, the box is a metallic pink and that same colour carries over to the hard plastic tube, which is very sleek and rounded in design. It features a pump design, which I prefer the best as I feel it keeps the product more hygienic and fresh. Overall, the packaging is very sturdy (I feel like I would have a fun time even trying to break that bottle) and very girly. I know there’s some people who think this packaging looks really classy but it’s just a little too pink for me.

Functionality wise, I think it’s good. The flat top and bottom makes it easy to stand even though the tube is rounded and the oval design means it isn’t going to roll anymore. Though pretty, I wouldn’t consider this classy but actually rather dated.

Beautynetkorea Kbeauty Review Lioele Dollish BB Cream Beautynetkorea Kbeauty Review Lioele Dollish BB Cream

Here’s how the purple formula looks on my hand. As you can see on the swatch below, when the product is blended out, it ‘changes’ into a skin tone that matches your hand. The products are pretty easy to blend out and use, with a light and slightly ‘fluffy’ texture – if that makes sense. It doesn’t feel heavy on the face and applies evenly.

However, I would have preferred if the formula was more creamy as I feel that it wasn’t as smooth as the average BB cream. The reason for this is most likely because the BB cream contains micro capsules, which can make for a strange feel.

Since re-testing this product, I feel that the formula is actually creamier and more even than I remembered so… the above comment is withdrawn. The microcapsules are definitely visible, but aren’t too noticeable on application.

The purple was definitely effective in brightening up my skin tone and adapted to my colour the best.

Beautynetkorea Kbeauty Review Lioele Dollish BB Cream Beautynetkorea Kbeauty Review Lioele Dollish BB Cream

The green formula was, unfortunately, a little disappointing. Although it did cover up redness very well, the colour didn’t quite adapt to my skin tone as nicely as the previous. I felt that the final colour was too dark and ashy, so left my complexion looking rather dull.

Upon testing on one side of my face each, I still feel that the green formula has too ashy of a finish. However, with more consideration I feel that this might actually be preferable for some people. I think that the green formula gave me a more ‘white’ complexion reminiscent of older BB cream formulas, while the purple gave me a heathy and more natural colour.

Out of the two, I definitely don’t reach for this one often. Instead, I would suggest using it only on areas that need the colour correction and then going over your entire face with a more bb cream.

Please also note that I could (personally) only do this if I went over my whole face with another BB cream afterwards. The ashy finish from the green formula was too strikingly different to my natural skin tone to sit on its own.

Beautynetkorea Kbeauty Review Lioele Dollish BB Cream

These two products weren’t exactly what I expected and, while they aren’t a complete disappointment, I wouldn’t say that they lived up to my expectations. These two products were still a hit and miss for me though I can’t say I am as disappointed as I sounded there. I definitely prefer the purple, but can see myself using the green on certain days.

I also noticed that this product works best when it is blended out with your fingers – the colour changing function doesn’t work when it is blended with a beauty blender, possibly because the dabbing motion doesn’t activate the microcapsules needed.

So what’s my verdict on these two products? Here it is!


A colour correcting BB cream that changes colour to match your skin tone.


  • Sturdy and hygenic packaging
  • Medium coverage
  • Colour correcting function
  • Light finish
  • Easy to blend
  • Fresh and brightened complexion (for the purple)


  • Dull, ashy complexion (for the green)
  • Dated packaging design
  • Formula is fluffy but not smooth or creamy


Honestly, I am not impressed enough with this product to repurchase it and implement it into my every day routine. Since the colour correction function does work, however, I would be interested in trying any newer products that Lioele brings out. The first product I tried of theirs hasn’t completely impressed me, but hopefully something else will.


You want to work quickly and accurately with this product, so don’t dot your entire face, but try working on one section at a time and blending it out carefully. Use your fingers or even a brush, but a beautyblender won’t activate the colour change as well.


This product is currently on sale for USD$14.82 on Beautynetkorea. You can also click the below banner to go to their home page and see all of the other products (and specials) that they have:

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