Review: Peach Perfect Foundation (Too Faced)

Too Faced Peach Perfect Foundation

Ever since I finished up my Fenty Beauty Foundation, I’ve seen on the search for another foundation that would be as good (or at all comparable) to it – after all, that one has ended up being my HG foundation! After trying out a lot of them, both foundations and cushions, I have found another that works perfectly for my skin and ticks (nearly) all of my boxes.

This is the Peach Perfect Foundation by Too Faced, which recently launched at Mecca Maxima in Australia and was on my first Want (Don’t) Need post – it is a matte finish foundation that is meant to be oil-free, oil controlling, without flash back and long wearing (up to 14 hours). It is selling for AUD$52, which is about the same price as other high end foundation, and comes in twenty shades; which is something that I need to touch on.

At the moment, this is a product that I’m reaching for pretty much every day. For myself, it is nearly perfect and I’m really confident to be recommending this to others with combination normal-oily, to oily skin.

So, read on for the full review!

Too Faced Peach Perfect Foundation

Product Description

On the Mecca Maxima page, there are three main detail points:

  • Innovative lightweight formula creates a smooth and flawless, matte base without the fear of caking or separating
  • The infusion of fresh peach and sweet fig cream provide the perfect dose of hydration, while offering a delicious aroma
  • Oil control formula delivers up to 14 hours of matte, flawless and photo ready wear

This products claims to “create a smooth, matte, and peach perfect complexion for up to 14 hours.” It is sweet peach infused, with a strong fresh peach and sweet fig cream scent, and is described as a lightweight foundation. From personal experience, I find that this product has a light to medium coverage as it can be built up with a second layer, and has a full matte finish.

Aside from the Foundation, there is also a matching primer (the Primed & Peachy Cooling Matte Perfecting Primer) but I just used this with my Hourglass Primer as I know that one works really well for me.

Too Faced Peach Perfect Foundation Too Faced Peach Perfect Foundation


I love that this foundation comes with a pump (yes, I am still salty that my Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude does not have one) because it is really easy to dispense. That being said, I am personally not a fan of the tube format but that’s just a personal preference. Overall, the quality of the packaging is really nice – with a sturdy thick plastic cap, a plastic tube that – surprisingly – doesn’t feel or look cheap and a good quality pump. The dispenser is easy to control and I will generally use one or one and a half pumps for a full face. The packaging is very mess-free and easy to use. It is light enough to be travel friendly, but I still prefer to decant for short trips.

Design wise, the packaging for this entire Peaches & Cream Collection is so cute! I love matte finish pink unit carton design (as the matte formula seems to be an overarching theme here) and the witty product names. This collection sits on the delicate line of being super ‘girly’ and cute, but also not feeling too cheap or childish. In my opinion, this is one of their best collections design-wise.

Too Faced Peach Perfect Foundation

Formula & Shade Range

It is easily blendable with a beauty sponge but I find that it becomes streaky if using a brush – maybe this is because it dries quickly. Perhaps this is why the Mecca Maxima website recommends the use of a sponge or fingers.

I find that one pump is enough for a full face application but I will add a second layer (half a pump) onto areas where I want more coverage. The foundation has a thick, creamy consistency but applies very thin and lightweight – you can’t feel it on the skin. It has an immediately matte finish that still looks quite natural; I have worn this product with and without powder on top and find that the longevity of it is just as good either way.

As previously mentioned, this product comes in twenty shades – ranging from ‘fairest’ to ‘deepest’ with three different undertones (neutral, cool or warm). Looking at it like this, the range seems to be well spread out but it does oxidise to be darker than initial application. I first thought that I would be wearing Porcelain, which is what my Fenty Foundation originally matched to, but I’m actually wearing Swan (the second lightest shade). It’s ridiculous because I’m actually not that pale and I don’t think paler people will be able to find a decent match. This definitely needs to be addressed and built on.

Too Faced Peach Perfect Foundation

Personal Experiences

Keeping in mind that I did use a primer every time (I never skip that step), I find that this foundation is pretty good at controlling my oils and gives me a good wear time – in fact, this is the product that I trusted enough to wear all day for my birthday dinner! I’ve been using at every day for work and will generally only need to touch up my t-zone in the afternoon (or not at all if I’m too lazy). Even when my oils do start to peek through, the foundation doesn’t become cakey – it just fades naturally and is easy to fix on top. The finish is very comfortable and natural. It doesn’t feel heavy on my skin and I have no break outs from it.

It also definitely doesn’t have flashback; I tested that when I went for a night out in Melbourne.

The only downside to this foundation, aside from the fact that my shade is the second lightest in the range, is the scent! I absolutely hate how this collection smells and much preferred the Sweet Peach collection in this aspect. In fact, aside from that collection, almost every peach scent product has been horrible to me. It would be okay if it was a light scent but this foundation is so strong! It doesn’t fully dissipate until after the product dries.

Still, I think that I’m slowly getting used to it (not that I have a choice) and I would 100% continue to use this! In fact, I’m adding it to my HG list of base make up (right next to the Fenty Foundation and Laniege cushion)! I’ve been disappointed by a lot of foundations since I decided to keep testing out new ones so I’m glad that this worked out for me. Now they just need to fix that scent and expend on that shade range.

So, here’s the verdict!


A matte finish, light to medium foundation in 20 shades


  • Cute but ‘high end’ packaging design – very trendy
  • High quality product packaging and dispenser is easy to control
  • Does not dry out skin or cause break outs
  • Oil-free and photo-ready
  • Lightweight on skin
  • Buildable coverage
  • Matte but natural finish with great oil control
  • Doesn’t necessarily need to be set
  • Long wearing and fades naturally in t-zone
  • Blends in easily with a sponge


  • Super strong scent
  • Oxidises and shade range doesn’t stretch pale enough (not sure about other skin tones)
  • Applied streaky with a brush


  • PACKAGING | 4/5 (one point off because I don’t like tubes)
  • PRICE POINT | 4/5
  • COVERAGE | 5/5
  • LONG WEARING | 4/5
  • FINISH | 5/5



Absolutely! This foundation works so well for me that I’m fully willing to overlook it’s flaws and this is definitely something that I would recommend to other people. As it is quite matte though, I do recommend going into store and trying out a sample of it before purchasing. I think that this is best suited to combination to oily skin types though dry skin may be able to get away with it provided that a hydrating primer is used underneath.

I personally feel that this price point is pretty good for a high end foundation but, of course, if it is outside of your budget then definitely look for some drugstore dupes!


Aussies can get this at Mecca Maxima for AUD$52, otherwise check out the official Too Faced website.

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