Review: Rose Essence Multi Finish (Skinfood)

Skinfood Rose Essence Multi Finish KollectionK Kbeauty Review

Skinfood is a Korean roadshop brand that is really well known for their skincare products – black sugar, avocado and probably potato; they have used it all. Their black sugar scrub is one of their cult items and is definitely one of my staples. Lesser known, however, is their cosmetics line. From what I hear, these products are sometimes a bit of a hit-or-miss since it isn’t their speciality.

Today, I’m going to be reviewing the Rose Essence Multi Finish, which is a super pretty 3-in-1 product (highlighting, blush, eyeshadow). This was sent to me for review by KollectionK, so please remember to check out their store afterwards. They have a great range as well as a newly launched shopping service!

For this product, I was initially really taken away by how beautiful the packaging is but, unfortunately, I’m a little disappointed by the sheer pigmentation. It seems like colour products really aren’t their strong point, though there are some purposes that suit this product better than others.

Read on to find out!

Skinfood Rose Essence Multi Finish KollectionK Kbeauty Review Skinfood Rose Essence Multi Finish KollectionK Kbeauty Review

For this product, I was sent the number 2 shade in Holy Rose. As I didn’t select this product, KollectionK had completely sent this one as a gift alongside the others that I did choose. I’m really happy with the colours in this product though because I love coral shades and I feel that they complement so many skin tones perfectly. Pink and coral eyeshadows were a massive beauty trend a year ago and, even though we have since moved on a little bit, I’m still loving this style.

The compact comes with a brush as well, which is decent for on-the-go touch ups though I prefer to use my own fan and eyeshadow brushes for actual application. The packaging is really pretty and sturdy too, made out of plastic and metal. The overall design is very feminine and girly, but has a little more elegance in comparison to brands like Etude House. I like it and think a lot of people around my age group will like it too – so maybe teens to twenties?

Skinfood Rose Essence Multi Finish KollectionK Kbeauty Review Skinfood Rose Essence Multi Finish KollectionK Kbeauty Review

As with most (if not all) Skinfood products, their label is also peelable – which I just think is a nice touch. I’m assuming that what’s listed inside are ingredients or manufacturing details but, if you are like me and can’t read Korean that fluently, it would be best to ask a seller or check online. For this one, it also includes instructions and a product description, which is pretty general. It states that this is:

A multi-coloured finishing pressed powder that contains rose essential oil. Can be used as a highlighter, blusher and eyeshadow.

Below here is the swatch. I know that it’s really faint and you can hardly see the swatches, but that is actually how they look in real life (and this is actually the best I could manage). Although they seem pretty pigmented on your fingers, the product almost completely sheers out when applied on hand (or face/eyes). The darker coral shade is definitely buildable, but the highlighter not so much.

Skinfood Rose Essence Multi Finish KollectionK Kbeauty Review

Overall, I think this is a really pretty product. I love the rose design but, to be honest, it isn’t the most practical. It’s a bit difficult to use only the white highlight colour – it’s even hard to target it just for the swatch. As a highlighter, I would consider it passable; as an eyeshadow, very strong; as a blush… almost non-existent. Rather than promoting this as a multi-purpose product, I think Skin Food should have simply released this as an eyeshadow.

Here’s the verdict!


A 3-in-1 pressed powder containing rose essential oils which can be used as a highlighter, blusher and eyeshadow


  • Really pretty and sturdy packaging (can be carried around)
  • Eye-catching pressed powder design
  • Subtle highlighting (suitable for people who like subtleties – not me, unfortunately)
  • Coral colour is easily build-able
  • Good colour choices for eye make up
  • Essential Rose Oil in formula
  • Includes a decent brush


  • Pressed powder design is hard to use
  • Highlighter and light pink shades are too sheer in pigmentation
  • Only passable as a highlighter but weak as a blusher


Although it’s very pretty, I don’t think I will be repurchasing this product. It is suitable for people to like soft looks and sheer products for a more natural finish, but I prefer something that is stronger and more buildable (in the highlight). It’s nice as an eyeshadow but I don’t think I would pay this price just for a nice shadow.

I love Skin Food’s skincare products but I definitely understand that make up is not their strength. I hope that, in the future, they work more on developing these lines and improving their formulas. I won’t write them off yet!


The included brush is good for touching up as a highlighter or blusher, but you will want to use an eyeshadow brush to use as a shadow. I personally like to use dense blending brushes, as I don’t feel that lighter stippling brushes pick up pigmentation well enough. You should definitely experiment though and don’t be afraid to splurge a little for a high quality brush!


If you’re interested in getting this product, or one of the many other products they stock, check out KollectionK. This is currently retailing on their website for AUD$26.39:

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