New Release: Too Faced 20th Anniversary & Born This Way Super Coverage Concealer (Mecca)

Too Faced Born This Way Multi Use Sculpting Concealer 20th Anniversary Palette Mecca

Sometimes, I feel like I came into the make up game way late because there are brands like Too Faced that feel so new to me, and yet I find out that they’ve been around for twenty years already! For those who don’t know, the brand launched in 1998 so this is their twenty year anniversary. To celebrate it, they have launched a 20th birthday collection – which is excitingly coming to Mecca from tomorrow! In addition to it, they are also bringing out a new Born This Way Concealer, which has been really hyped up online.

The full 20th birthday collection consists of eight Metallic Sparkle Lipsticks, a special repackaging of the Better than Birthday Sex mascara, and their Then and Now Eyeshadow Palette – the latter which has been teased online for quite a while and I’m excited to finally see it! Rather than cover the entire collection, since I’m sure you’re going to click onto the Mecca website anyway, I want to give you guys a look into the two products that I’m most excited about!

Too Faced 20th Anniversary Palette Mecca

Then and Now Eyeshadow Palette | AUD$86 | NZS$94

This is honestly the coolest anniversary palette concept that I’ve seen and I think that this is a great way for Too Faced to celebrate the changes in beauty within the past twenty years. This is a massive 20 pan eyeshadow palette that contains two sets of colours – the circa 1998 colours (which are the original shades that Too Faced launched twenty years ago) and the circa 2018 set (which are all new shades, inspired by the old and on board with the new). Of course, both of these are using the newer formula, so you’re getting their best quality product.

I love that, although the colours on top and bottom can look similar at first, they’re actually very different – they are no total repeats in here. Instead, the 1998 and 2018 colours work together in harmony. I’m curious about why they did the split pan for the last shade though.

Personally, I’m keen to check this one out in store! I’m not sure if I will be adding it to my collection, as I generally try not to buy large palettes (I have no room to store it), but its definitely interested me. Remember that this palette is also limited edition so it isn’t going to be around forever!

Here’s the official product description:

It all started with two boys, a dream, and glitter. Back in 1998 Too Faced launched the ORIGINAL 10 eye shadows that brought fun and glamour back to the beauty industry. To celebrate their 20th birt hday, t his lim it ed edit ion THEN & NOW EYE SHADOW PALETTE feat ures t he original 10 shades (in a modern formula of course) and 10 completely new shades, inspired by the originals, reimagined with a 2018 twist.

Featuring 20 pearl, matte, and glitter shades in a modern mix of gorgeous browns, purple, blues, and greens, this palette calls for you to go ahead and overindulge, because everything smells like yummy birthday cake!

Too Faced Born This Way Multi Use Sculpting Concealer Mecca

Born this Way Super Coverage Concealer | Prices to come

The second one that I’m excited to try out is actually not part of their 20th birthday collection, but it is finally coming to Mecca! I’ve seen this raved about online so I’m really keen to try this out, especially since the Shape Tape is so difficult to get here in Australia.

This is a full coverage concealer but is actually meant to be multi-use – you can conceal, contour, highlight and retouch (?) with this product. It is highly pigmented but also hydrating and with a flawless finish, so that it had the natural, wearable look of a foundation. It also claims to be long wearing for 12 hours, have no flashback and also have an oil-free, non-comedogenic formula.

Personally, I’m especially interested in this concealer because it is meant to be multi-use with a natural but high coverage finish (also hydrating and light on the skin). I find a lot of concealers to be overly drying on my undereyes, so I’m hoping that this would fares a lot better! If you use cream contours, then this may also be a simple product to try out.

So that’s some of the new launches coming to Mecca tomorrow! I actually have some more new release posts to come and, even though they’re a little late, I’m still keen to write them. It looks like Mecca is really bringing in some good stuff for my birthday month – woot!

For the 20th anniversary collection, remember to also check out the Metallic Sparkle Lipstick and the special packaging for the Better than (Birthday) Sex mascara! I just haven’t included them here because I’m not personally a fan of metallic lipsticks and the better than sex mascara doesn’t work for me (as it isn’t waterproof and the waterproof formula is just not the same).

Comment down below or message me your hauls on Instagram! I’m so keen to see what everyone gets and your opinions on things.

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