New Releases: Mecca Holiday 2018

Mecca Holiday 2018

Note: The product links will be updated once everything is released

The most exciting thing about Christmas – in my opinion – is the masses of special holiday releases! I don’t usually receive Christmas presents anymore (the joys of being an adult) but that doesn’t mean that I can’t spoil myself a little. In anticipation of these new products launching at Mecca, I was lucky enough to get their full catalogue, which means that I’m ready to share with you guys all of the products that I’ll be checking out or recommending for gifting (whether it is to someone you love or yourself).

For Mecca’s holiday campaign, they have partnered up with the National Gallery of Victoria and are collaborating with Rebecca Baumann on their creative (see the cover photo). According to the press release, “For her collaboration with Mecca, Baumann ‘painted with light’ to created these joyful, ethereal and exquisite artworks which perfectly capture the spirit of the holiday season.” I’m so keen to see all of the stores decked out in this artwork, because I am all about supporting Australian artists!

So, let’s move right onto the products! Out of the full catalogue (which is quite lengthy), I’ve selected a bunch of products that I find especially interesting to share. I have ordered them alphabetically, so click on to check them all out.

Otherwise, you can also see all of Mecca’s offerings on their website. All of these holiday collections will be available both in-store and online from 8 November.

Mecca Holiday 2018 Ciate

CIATE | Glitter Flip Duo (AUD$24) and Glitter Storm Palette (AUD$51)

I personally haven’t used anything from Ciate before but these two products did catch my eye. The first would also be an affordable gift option, while the second is a little more expensive but still reasonably priced.

Their Glitter Flip lipsticks caused quite a stir online a while ago but since they’re quite a ‘special occasion’ product, I couldn’t see myself ever using up an entire tube. If you’re keen to try it out though, this duo would be a great option! It has two minis with the shade Candy (a best seller) and an exclusive shade, Infamous.

The Glitter Storm Palette, on the other hand, is a little more ‘ordinary’ but still a pretty cool-toned eyeshadow option. This is a nine-shade palette with matte, metallic and glitter shades. It also has a glitter rain style case, which is very reminiscent of Clio’s Pearly Night Cushion to me.

Mecca Holiday 2018 Drunk Elephant Mecca Holiday 2018 Drunk Elephant Mecca Holiday 2018 Drunk Elephant

DRUNK ELEPHANT | Agent Ellie Kit (AUD$128)Inspector Drunk Kit (AUD$143) and Rescue Party Kit (AUD$110)

I included all three of these kits because they’re all quite different and would be suited for different skin types. I haven’t personally used anything from Drunk Elephant before but so many people have raved about them that I think I’ll be spoiling myself with a kit this Christmas just to see what the hype is about!

The Agent Ellie Kit (AUD$129) is a full daytime skincare routine with the C-Firma Day Serum, B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum, Virgina Marula Luxury Facial Oil and the Shaba Complex Eye Serum. They also cutely included a pink magnifying glass as part of their ‘secret agent ellie’ theme – they list out six ‘bad ingredients’ to avoid in your skincare so you can check through the rest of your products.

Similarly, their Inspector Drunk kit (AUS$143) follows the same theme (with a lime coloured magnifying glass), except the products are targeted for a night time routine. It includes the TLC Glycolic Night Serum, Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser, B Hydra Intensive Gel, Lala Retro Whipped Cream and C-Tango Eye Cream.

If you’re not sure which one to go for, then there is also the Rescue Party Kit (the most affordable at AUD$110) which includes a bunch of products tarted for dry, dehydrated and damaged skin. This included the Lala Retro Whipped Cream, Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser, B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum, the C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream and a Lippie Balm.

Mecca Holiday 2018 Frank Body

FRANK BODY | Green Tease Scrub (AUD$19.95)

I have had good experiences with Frank Body products in the past (except for the mess that their loose scrubs create in my shower but still). I’ll definitely be checking out this new Green Tease Scrub and, if the scent is going to be as wonderful as I imagine, I’m going to be smelling like green tea all holidays.

According to them, “This limited edition body scrub sees frank swap his grind for leaves while leaving you best bits: soft, dewy skin that’s still as tough on lumps, bumps and marks. Packed with green tea, antioxidants and essential oils, this bad boy hydrates, softens and predicts your fortune. Bet you didn’t see that coming?”

Mecca Holiday 2018 Frank Body

FRANK BODY | Lip Duo Sets (AUD$24.95)

In addition to that, they have also released these cute lip duo sets which would be great Christmas presents. They’re AUD$24.95 each and are available in original, cherry or shimmer.

/hint hint – I want the shimmer

Mecca Holiday 2018 Hourglass

HOURGLASSConfession Refillable Lipstick Duo (AUD$49) or Trio Set (AUD$88)

This is another product that I’ve heard so many people raving about but I haven’t gotten it yet because of the price. With these kits coming out, I feel like this would be a good time to test them out – or for a gift. These are selling for AUD$49 for the duo (which means you essentially get the refill shade for free) or in a trio for AUD$88 – it’s a pretty good deal if you haven’t got any of them yet.

For the duo, it includes one best selling shade and one exclusive shade, while the trio has three bestsellers (no exclusive shade). Both of these have the limited edition pink applicator too.

The lipsticks are also coming in a massive fifteen shade vault, but I haven’t included it here because I just can’t imagine myself buying that much lipstick in one go. If you are interested though, it is going for AUD$499 and included fifteen refills and one applicator.

Mecca Holiday 2018 Hourglass

HOURGLASS | Ambient Lighting Edit Unlocked (AUD$117)

The first Ambient Lighting Edit Unlocked is already released (launched on October 2). It includes six all new shades of their ambient lighting powders, bronzer, blush and a metallic strobe powder. I absolutely love love love my metallic strobe palette, and those are frustratingly not sold in singles, so I would want to check this out just for that.

This is definitely one that I will check out in store first because I know that some of the ambient lighting powders (e.g. dim light) don’t work well on my skin type. As this palette is quite expensive at AUD$117 – and it is actually better value to buy the individual sizes – I would only buy the palettes if I’m confident I would use all of the shades.

Mecca Holiday 2018 Hourglass


HOURGLASS | Ambient Lighting Edit Vol 4 (AUD$117)

The Ambient Lighting Edit Vol 4, however, is one of their yearly six-pan palettes. It includes four best selling shades and two more exclusive shades of their ambient lighting powders. Three of these (the lower, marbled shades) are bronzer and blushes.

The benefit of these palettes is, naturally, that it is more travel friendly but it is better value to buy the individuals (as previously mentioned). However, I do like that you get a variety of shades in the palettes.

I also love this limited edition metallic pink case that the palette is in this year – which seems like the concept for all of Hourglass holiday releases this year!

Mecca Holiday 2018 Mecca Cosmetica

MECCA COSMETICA | Eyes So Bright (AUD$50)Sunset Trio (AUD$66) and Ornaments (AUD$28-50)

These smaller, cute products are a great option for gifting. In fact, both Mecca Cosmetica and Mecca Max (below) have released some great Christmas gift options for this year.

The Eyes So Bright shadow duo includes two of their multi-dimensional shadow pots in the Copper and Gold shade – two very universally flattering colours that would suit virtually anyone (imo). At AUD$50, it isn’t cheap but is a good little pack to gift your resident glitter lover.

If they’re more of a complexion junkie though, you should check out the Sunset Trio, which is a palette of the Mecca Cosmetica Lit from Within Powder (Highlight), a blush and a bronzer. It’s great for someone on-the-go who wouldn’t be reaching for multiple products in the morning, but still wants to look very put together. It is a bit more expensive at AUD$66 but still a decent price.

If you want something with more options (especially price wise), then definitely check out the Ornaments which are super, super cute. You can pick between the Enlightened Ornament (AUD$28), Glossy Glide Ornament (AUD$32) or the Lip Love Ornament (AUD$50) – just make sure you don’t accidentally buy fifty of these.

Mecca Holiday 2018 Mecca Max

MECCA MAX | Glam to Go Shadow Quad (AUD$12)

If you’re after something very affordable for your gifting purposes (or maybe you just need a little more to get free shipping), then checking out Mecca Max products is a good option (as they are even more affordable than Cosmetica).

These Glam to Go Shadow Quads – which come in three different colour options of Fire Lights, Mood Lights or High Lights – legit only retail for AUD$12! That is drug store pricing and Mecca Max has some really great quality products and also really like packaging too. This would be perfect for Secret Santa gifts where you need to adhere to a certain budget.

Mecca Holiday 2018 Mecca Max

MECCA MAX | Shooting Star Mini Lip Gloss (AUD$15)

If you’re not looking for eyeshadows, then you can also check out their Shooting Star Mini Lip Glosses which are just AUD$15 each and come in three shades – Gold Fizz, Coral Punch or Pink Lemonade. They’re not as exciting as the shadow quads, to be honest, but they’re simple and would suit almost anyone. Perfect gifting option.

Mecca Holiday 2018 Mecca Max

MECCA MAX | All or Nothing Full Face Palette (AUD$55) or Eyes on You Eyeshadow Palette (AUD$40)

The first, the All or Nothing Full Face Palette, is a great all-rounder palette and, while it can also be used by a beauty junkie, I feel like this would be especially suited for people who are just starting out on their makeup journey or who are still learning what suits them best. This is an all-in-one sort of palette which twenty warm and wearable eyeshadow shades (in metallics and mattes), a bronzer, an illuminator, two blushes and also include a lipgloss and eyeliner. It’s affordable at AUD$55 and includes a mirror.

For myself though, I am super interested in checking out the Eyes On You Palette. I have another of the Mecca Max palettes, which is specifically very frosty and shimmery, so I’m also keen to try out some of their other formulas. This is a twenty-five shade palette with bother matte and shimmer finishes in a large variety of shades (both neutral and brights). It’s incredibly well priced at AUD$40 so I’ll most likely be grabbing this once I swatch it in store!

Mecca Holiday 2018 Mecca Max

MECCA MAX | Brush Hour Face and Eye (AUD$85) and Get Lit Illuminating Palette (AUD$30)

Another great gift option, and this is one that would suit both beauty junkies or beginners, is the Brush Hour set. it’s selling for AUD$85 at Mecca and includes eight face and eye brushes (powder, blush, foundation, highlighter, eyeshadow, eye blending, eye precision and an angled liner brush) – a complete collection for a full face of make up. It also has a pouch for carrying the brushes.

Personally, I’m always on the look out for new brushes (because I basically use them exclusively in my beauty routine) so I don’t think you could go wrong with these!

In addition, check out the Get Lit Illuminating Palette, which is perfect for highlighting junkies! It includes ‘dour silk-light powders and two buttery cream highlighters,’ so it is suitable for people for a varying experience level.

MECCA COSMETICA | Mask Library (AUD$40) (Note: I made a photo boo-boo here as it’s meant to go in the Cosmetica category, not Max)

If you’re shopping for someone who is more into skincare than make up though (and yes, I am aware that they exist), then Mecca Cosmetica also has an option for you with their Mask Library! The packaging looks so beautiful and luxe, and sheet masks are an essential in anyone beauty routine. This is selling for AUD$40 and includes their Fresh Faced Mask, a Lit from Within Mask and their Urban Defence Mask.

Mecca Holiday 2018 NARS

NARS | Hot Tryst Cheek Palette (AUD$86)

This palette had caught my eye the moment it was teased on social media! I am absolutely loving the holiday packaging for the NARS products and I honestly think that I’ll be buying a couple of them just for that reason. Their Hot Tryst Cheek Palette six shades, all limited edition with four blushes and two skin-effect highlighters. It is just so beautiful, but I definitely want to try it in store first because I’m not sure if all of the blush shades will suit my skin tone.

You’ll also be keen to know that this is launching early on 25th October!

NARS | Orgasm Infatuation Palette (AUD$66) and High Voltage Highlighter Palette (AUD$71)

These are two others of their palettes, which also have the super cool studded holiday packaging style. The top, the Orgasm Infatuation Palette is selling for AUD$66 and has three shades – the Laguna bronzing powder, the Orgasm blush and an Orgasm Highlighting blush (similar, but paler and softer.) Although I don’t have these three shades, I am hesitant to buy these because they are essentially repackages of existing colours.

In comparison, the High Voltage Highlighter Palette is a little more expensive at AUD$71 but includes three limited edition highlighting powders (an opalescent pink, a champagne and a rose copper). It claims: “Weightless illumination. Shimmering sophistication.”

Mecca Holiday 2018 NARS

NARS | Spiked Audacious Lipstick (AUD$49) and Powermatte Lip Clash Coffret (AUD$66)

Their Audacious Lipstick also got a make over in this collection and I really want to get them – though I’m not sure if I’ll have the heart to use them once I do! These are selling for the regular price of AUD$49, but come in three limited edition shades and with a studded shape bullet inspired by the rebellion of 1970s fashion. I’m especially need on the shades Siouxsie (burgundy) and Nancy (deep plum). The ‘burnt coral nude’ is Sheena.

In addition, they have the Powermatte Lip Clash Coffret, which I’m also keen on for myself but not entirely sure if I’ll be buying them yet. They’re great for presents too as it includes four of the mini powermatte lip pigments – two in the classic matte formula and another two from their holiday limited edition Lip Luster shades.

I prefer the minis as I don’t wear metallic shades much (but I love the lip pigments), but if you want those specifically, you can also check out the six limited edition Metallic Powermatte Lip Luster shades.

Mecca Holiday 2018 Stila

STILA | Glitter & Glow  or Shimmer & Glow (AUD$36 – 66)

This year, Stila decided to kill my wallet and release four different sets of their liquid eyeshadows, so I just have to go through them individually. First off will be their ‘smaller’ sets, which all include deluxe-sizes of their liquid shadows – which I personally think is more than enough because I own a few of their full sizes shadows and very little goes a long way.

First off is their Enchanted Eyes Liquid Eyeshadow Set (AUD$66) (pictured above, left) which includes six deluxe-size liquid eyeshadows – three of the Shimmer & Glow (Kitten, Jezebel and Pigalle), and three of the Glitter & Glow (Diamond Dust, Smoky Storm and Plum On). This is selling for AUD$66, which approximately a third of the full size price.

Then there are the smaller sets, which sell for AUD$36 and would probably be best suited for gifting budgets. You can either get three shades of the Glitter & Glow (AUD$36) (pictured above, right and top), in New Golden Girl, Perlina and Kitten Karma. Alternatively, there is also the Shimmer & Glow (AUD$36) (below) which has Kitten, Cloud and Twig.

Mecca Holiday 2018 Stila

STILA | All Eyes On You Liquid Eyeshadow Vault (AUD$286)

If you’re a massive fan of the Stila liquid eyeshadows though, you’ll be excited to see that they’re releasing a vault of their glitters and shimmers. Personally, I don’t think that I’ll be buying this because of the price, though I wouldn’t complain (and would be very happy) if someone gave me this for Christmas because these shadows are the best liquid eyeshadows I have ever used in my life!

The vault is selling for AUD$286 and comes with twelve full-size liquid eyeshadows. The Glitter & Glow in Perlina, Diamond Dust, Kitten karma, Rose Gold Retro, Smoky Storm and Rockin’ Rose, as well as the Shimmer & Glow in Starlight, Kitten, Contessa, Vivid Garnet, Vivid Labradorite and Vivid Sapphire.

Mecca Holiday 2018 Tatcha

TATCHA | Skincare for Makeup Lovers Obento Box (AUD$93), Pure Skincare Delights (AUD$190) or Purifying and Pore-Perfecting Trio (AUD$168)

Everyone I’ve spoken to has been excited about the Tatcha sets and, really, I can’t blame them! Though I haven’t used any of their products before, these sets would be a good time to splurge because the prices (while still expensive) are substantially a better deal than buying the products individually!

For this year, they’re releasing three sets at three different price points, so you can pick based on how much you want to spend and your skin concerns. The first (the Skincare for Makeup Lovers) aims to hydrate and prep skin for make up, while the Pure Skincare Delights is a brightening routine for normal-to-dry skin and the Purifying and Pore-Perfecting Trio aims to both purify and hydrate, helping the reduce the appearance of pores (a common problem for people with oily skin types).

Mecca Holiday 2018 Too Faced

TOO FACED | Sugar Cookie Eyeshadow Palette (AUD$38)

I’m usually not a fan of the Too Faced holiday releases, but they have definitely caught my attention this year. One of their palette releases, the Sugar Cookie Eyeshadow Palette is definitely something that I would consider as a gift or to buy myself to use as a travel palette. This is a smaller purse-size, hence the lower price of AUD$38, and includes eight neutral and pink shades – very sugar cute and sweet, easy to wear too. I also like the full size mirror which would make it okay for travel use.

This palette includes exclusive matte, satin and shimmer shades and claims to smell like fresh baked cookies. It’s all super cute.

The only thing that bothers me is the pan size of the first two shades – why aren’t they the same!?

Mecca Holiday 2018 Too Faced

TOO FACED | Gingerbread Spice Eyeshadow Palette (AUD$71)

And, of course, the most exciting Too Faced release this holiday season is the Gingerbread Spice palette that everyone has been talking about. This is a warm palette with a hint of depth, featuring both neutral tones and some deep berries, a purple, gold and green shimmer too. Overall, it’s a very pretty, cohesive palette and I think that I would get a lot of use out of it. It is similar to their Sweet Peach palette in layout – and I absolutely loved that one. 

I think that the only thing I’m cautious about with this is the scent. As people know, I didn’t like the scent of their Peaches & Cream collection at all, so I really want to smell it check it out in store before buying it.

Mecca Holiday 2018 Urban Decay

URBAN DECAY | Hex Ready 24/7 Travel Eye Pencil Set (AUD$62) and Heavy Metal Glitter Liner Trio (AUD$78)

And lastly, there are the Urban Decay releases! Surprisingly, there wasn’t much in the catalogue from them this year but I think that they will be coming to Australia closer to the holidays, so I will be updating on the Mecca releases as the weeks close in.

First thing that I’m keen on if their Hex Ready 24/7 Travel Eye Pencil Set – I checked out their eye pencils in store and they’re ridiculously creamy, glide on with perfect pigmentation and also are totally budge proof (from what I saw). Since I don’t use pencils heaps, but like to try out different colours, I feel like getting these travel sets would be a great option.

This set includes the classic black (Perversion) and four new shades: Goddess, Starfire, Voodoo and Space Dust.

Another set, is their Heavy Metal Glitter Liner Trio! I love my Urban Decay Heavy Metals palette, so I’m really surprised that I haven’t tried the Glitter liners yet! I feel like this holiday would be a good time to check them out – especially since they are releasing this box set for AUD$78 (and it is usually AUD$33 for one).

This set comes with three shades: the favourite Midnight Cowboy, Starfire and Volume.

So they are my Mecca Holiday 2018 picks so far!

I don’t think I’ll be buying everything (because come on, your girl isn’t rolling in it) but there are a few items that I’ve definitely keen to try and get my hands on already. Hopefully, this post as also helped you check out the new releases – because we’re about to get inundated – and give you some ideas for your Christmas shopping!

Comment below what you’ve got your eyes on, or what you think I should check out too!

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