Unboxing: Althea Angels Program

Althea Angels Welcome Gift Kbeauty

If you follow me on Instagram (and you totally should), you may be aware that I was recently accepted into Althea Angels – a beauty blogging community that was recently started by Althea. I have purchased from them before (see my previous haul here) and I’m really, really happy with their service so I was more than happy to be recommending them to my readers. Being part of this group is really exciting because the company is now actively giving special offers and opportunities for us writers and reviewers. Without any pressure at all to speak positively about their products, they are simply supporting the industry and I think that that’s a really great thing!

So, as part of this, I recieved a package maybe a week or two ago as part of my ‘acceptance’ – this is the Althea Angels welcome gift! I will be posting this at the same time as my Real Fresh Skin Detoxer Review, so this is just a brief one to show off everything that I recieved.

Before I get into this post, I also want to wish Althea a special Happy Birthday! They have just celebrated their third birthday and I really want to congratulate them for not only establishing an amazing online store and service, but also being able to have such a great global reach. Yay!

Althea Angels Welcome Gift Kbeauty

When you order something from Althea, you can expect that it will always come in a special branded box – which is really exciting because they’re always so cute and well designed. I mentioned this in a previous post, but I really love their attention to small details like this and I think it’s these things that really escalate their service from a consumer’s point of view.

For our welcome gift, Althea sent this to me in a special Althea Angels branded box! It’s just so cute. Thank you so much for even creating a special box for us!

When I opened it up, it was really tightly packed with stuff – so I dove right in!

Althea Angels Welcome Gift Kbeauty Althea Angels Welcome Gift Kbeauty

You can see the Althea Promises printed on the bottom of the box and, from memory, I think they have this on their regular boxes as well.

  • Free Shipping from Korea
  • Authenticity Guarantee
  • Best Price Policy
  • 30 Day Unconditional Returns

You can read more about that on their website but, generally, I feel like Althea has one of the best returns policy for online kbeauty stores – they will accept all returns for a full refund (provided that the items are unopened) and will even cover up to USD$10 of the return shipping fee. Full T&Cs.

Below is a quick photo of everything that we recieved in the welcome package! They are mostly Althea Angels merchandise (including that box, which I am totally keeping) but there is also two products in there that were never before seen! At the time of posting this, the product is actually live on the website now but we were lucky enough to be the first to try them out.

Althea Angels Welcome Gift Kbeauty

Included in the package was an Althea: Spread Your Wings make up bag and mirror, their limited edition birthday tote, three birthday box minis (more on that below) and two of their new Real Fresh Skin Detoxer masks! I’m definitely keeping the make up bag for travel use because it’s a pretty good size – though considering the amount that I travel with, this might even be suitable for an every day pouch for me. The mirror is cute and I’ll be featuring that in more of my future Althea posts. I want to keep the folded boxes as little props to use for photos, but I’m not sure if I should continue using them because… well, I mean their birthday is already past.

Anyway, check out photos of everything below – including the three box minis! They are delivered in flat cardboard sheets, which you can pop out to fold. Super cute and the best part is that, during their birthday promotions, they actually had these as full size boxes for their customers! Althea killing it with the post boxes again!

Althea Angels Welcome Gift Kbeauty Althea Angels Welcome Gift Kbeauty Althea Angels Welcome Gift Kbeauty Althea Angels Welcome Gift Kbeauty Althea Angels Welcome Gift KbeautyAlthea Angels Welcome Gift Kbeauty Althea Angels Welcome Gift Kbeauty

And, of course, the most exciting part of this was the Real Fresh Skin Detoxer masks! We were sent both of them to try out and give our feedback on – which I will provide in my seperate review post. These are a collaboration between Althea and Get it Beauty TV (which I watch a lot of) so I feel like it’s an especially exciting launch for them and a big statement on their brand presence. Check out these products on their website here: the Green Tea (which is recommended for evening use) and the Rose (recommended for morning use).

Althea Angels Welcome Gift Kbeauty

I am so, so excited to have been selected as part of the Althea Angels community and I am so grateful for the opportunities that they are giving us as bloggers. I genuinely feel like the beauty industry is evolving and changing at a rapid pace, and I love when brands/companies can see the value of us writers and influencers and will actively support us. Some people may be swayed by money and contracts but for us smaller bloggers, all we want to do is to share what we are passionate about and to deliver great content that is honest and beneficial to our readers.

So, thank you to Althea for this opportunity, but also thank you to everyone who comes and reads my drabble on this blog and those who also follow my account on Instagram. Thank you so much for the role that you play in pushing our industry forward!

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