Review: Packs and Patches (Luke and Purederm)

Skin18 Luke Mugwort Nose Strip Review

I just finished my review for the following three patches! I know that my reviews have been a little slow of the late, but it has been a pretty busy week or so, but I promise that they will be picking up soon. I have more sponsored reviews that I need to finish photographing (and editing), as well as a bunch of more products to do write ups with – both sponsored and my own. There’s lots of content to come your way!

So the following is the second part of my second sponsored package from Skin18! Hope you enjoy reading about these packs and patches.

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Review: Heating Gel Pore Brush (Tosowoong)

My Korean Makeup Kbeauty Review Tosowoong Heating Gel Pore Brush

Just to clarify, I had really high hopes for this product so even though I say that I’m kind of disappointed, it isn’t because it’s a terrible product. It works, just not how I wanted it to.

I had never used anything from Tosowoong before but had heard really great things about the brand so, when I came across this on My Korean Makeup, I decided that I had to try it. The product is a pore cleanser with a gel product and an attached brush, making usage fast and simple. I had actually searched it up online as well and hadn’t found any other reviews for it, so I was hoping that I would discover a new, wonderful product for you guys to use but… unfortunately, not.

Read on for my experience and thoughts about this Tosowoong product. I received this product to review from My Korean Makeup and you can check out their website to purchase this (or anything else).

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Review: Skin Editor

Skin Editor Kbeauty Skincare Review

I’m finally here to tell everyone about Skin Editor! I’ve been sitting on this review for a while because I took my time really testing out all of these products – and they have been doing me well.

Skin Editor is a fairly new brand, sitting as a home care brand under Tremix, founded by the company Morvanic. Their products (for Tremix) are usually only supplied to dermatologists and skin clinics for post procedural aid, so their focus is on the quality of the product rather than marketability.

Unlike in South Korea where it is fairly common to see dermatologists or skin specialists for up keeping and maintenance, I find that this is much less common in Australia. In fact, the only time I have ever spoken to a dermatologist was when I was younger and broke out in full body rashes from an allergic reaction. Our lifestyle seems to state that specialists, and therefore special treatments, are to be considered when the problem as arisen – that is, you want to fix something that has already happened.

For a lifestyle like that, I think Skin Editor‘s products would be perfect (and is the reason I approached them to begin with – aside from the fact that I really love their bold coloured branding). They promise effective and nourishing products that are safe for sensitive skin and daily use.

If you’d like to check them out, click the banner below but – otherwise – let’s go!

Skin Editor Kbeauty Skincare Review

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