Diary: Urban Decay x Mecca Maxima | Beauty Boot Camp

A few weeks ago, I received an invitation to a Beauty Boot Camp, held by Mecca Maxima and Urban Decay! This is one of the first official PR events that I’ve been invited to and, when I got the invite, I was so excited that I may have squeaked a little – I was also kind of convinced that I got the invite by accident (and I am still convinced about this) so I was pretty nervous in the weeks leading up. Excited, but also nervous. I wasn’t sure of what to expect and, since I am a fairly keep-to-myself sort of person, I also wasn’t sure that I would know anyone there.

But, I had such a great time today (yes, I am writing this the very night) and I came out of the event not only more informed about Urban Decay as a brand, but also very inspired by the beauty and content creation talks – aside from Steve K (the global make up artist for UD), we also heard from one of the Mecca social media team members about content creation and curation for Instagram and a YouTube team member about creating a successful channel and engaging videos. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos of the latter too (as I was much too busy trying to take in the information), I did make sure to document the wonderful event and get a few photos of Steve!

So, keep reading for some information on the Urban Decay brand, what they mean to me and some photos of the day!

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A hundred posts in!

Oh My Stellar Korea Seoul Myeongdong 3CE Pink Cafe

It’s my 100th post, everyone! /throwing confetti everywhere/

So for this, I was really wanting to do something special – like maybe post something inspirational or an about me, but I felt like that was a little bit obnoxious (or I’ll write something like that if I get questions later on) so, instead, I thought that I would just write a short post to talk about my journey so far and to thank you guys!

Yes, I’m pretty bad at this.

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Travel: Getting Ready to go to Seoul, South Korea

Outside Ehwa University

One of my goals this year is to write about more than just product reviews on my blog and, while I’ve started a whole bunch of other posts before, I feel like they all end up being gibberish on my end – more word vomit than anything. However, while I was in Japan, I had this idea about not only writing about what I do while I am abroad (and Instagramming like crazy) but also working on a guide to my travels and sharing my experiences abroad. So, since I get the most questions about South Korea, I thought that this would be the best place to start!

So here’s a little about my experiences with South Korea:

A photograph of my plane as I boarded to spend the next six months in a completely foreign country – alone.

I first visited when I was younger (possibly in the single digits) with my parents on a business trip and – let me tell you – Seoul was incredibly different back then. I actually distinctively remember that no one in my elementary school knew what Korea was and, when we played games, I would always choose to be Korea so that no one would ever call my country and I would never have to run for that dreaded ball. Oh yes, I was a sneaky little kid.

Fast forward all of these years and I have actually spent a significant amount of time in Korea. Aside from all of those business trips, I also stayed in Seoul for six months back in 2015 as an exchange student at Yonsei University. Living by myself and experiencing the country like a local, it definitely gave me a different insight in comparison to what I saw as a tourist – and I think that that is very important. South Korea puts massive importance on their tourism industry and, for that reason, there will be a lot of touristy areas and tourist traps over there which are fun at first but… it’s not the real Seoul you want to experience.

So, far this series of posts (and I have no idea how many I will write), I’ll be sharing with you tips and advice about travelling and navigating in this wonderful country, misconceptions about South Korea and… of course, the best place to go shopping. I’m your personal tour guide, here to help! This first post will be all about preparing for your trip – what to pack, where to stay, getting around from the airport and things to know in advance!

Ready? Let’s go!

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Blindfolded Make Up Challenge (feat Sophia)

No Mirror Makeup Challenge

I’m the type of person who doesn’t have as many friends as people sometimes think I do. In fact, I can somewhat consider myself an extroverted introvert. It takes me a long time to really be comfortable around someone and, oftentimes, I prefer to spend my weekends alone.

Last weekend though, as people saw from my #ootd post, I spent the weekend with my friend Sophia! We had taken some photos together, ate good food and did some online shopping (there is a massive make up haul coming your way) but we also spent a night filming something fun for my Youtube channel.

I’m personally a little appalled at the mess I look and came to the realisation that I sound (and look) very strange on video. However, the entire thing is so much fun that I can’t help but share it. Here it is everyone! I hope you enjoy.

Stay warm xx

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