After reading a few articles online about people feeling hesitant and unsure about how honest beauty bloggers are (especially now that we are actively part of the commercial industry and being considered media outlets), I wanted to write this disclaimer page to explain a few things about how I currently run my blog – and my business as a blogger – as well as giving my readers reassurance about the honesty of my opinions. Here goes!

I am not a make up artist or skin care professional.

As much as I would like to be a professional in the field, I am not (as in stated in my sidebar). I actually work as a fashion photographer and graphic designer – or a visual communicator – so I am within the beauty and fashion sector. My opinions and knowledge comes from my experience as a consumer and fan of these products.

I write all of my own articles and I take all of my own photos.

My posts can be slow at times and editing photos takes a long time, but I chose to do it all myself to show my readers the real products, real results and real thoughts. Any stock imagery or product photos taken from the brands or other sites will be appropriately credited.

I won’t name names, but I do know that some bloggers often give sponsors a discounted rate if they provide a pre-written post (photos and all) which is then simply posted on their website as an advertorial. I can guarantee that I do not ever do that and, if I do decide to in the future, I will clearly label that I have not written it.

Sponsored or paid for posts are clearly marked.

At the time of writing, I have never been paid for a post. I have and frequently do, however, get sent and accept full size products, samples and PR packages in exchange for reviews. Sometimes, I will choose the products and, at other times, they are chosen for me. All of these posts are tagged as sponsored and I will clearly state in both the blog post and all social networking posts who they have been sent by.

My opinions are 100% honest and not sugarcoated.

I treat sponsored products and products that I bought with my own money in the same way – with absolute honesty. Although I have a lot of sponsored post, you will notice that they are not always rainbows and butterflies. I will point out positives, negatives and any issues that I have with all products, as well as mentioning my favourites and giving tips that I have learnt during the testing period.

As a blogger, I think that it is my responsibility not just to create content, but only to be an honest voice within all of the marketing and advertising happening in our current society.

Affiliate links will be clearly marked.

There are some websites which had offered to let me use affiliate links and I am not against them at all. I think there is nothing wrong with making a living (or trying to) out of my blogging hobby. However, all of my affiliate links – however seldom they are – will be clearly marked so you know what you are clicking on.

I always communicate and discuss with my sponsors.

This is very important to me. When I review a brand or a business, I like to really talk to and develop a relationship with the person I am in contact with. I will not only look at their products, but into their brand vision, history, experience and their market placement. This is a professional habit of mine (and I also really like to talk).

For that reason, you can be certain that the sponsors I work with frequently are good people, good businesses and honestly just as passionate about the beauty industry as I am.

I want to be your friend.

Genuinely. Comment on my posts, message me on Instagram, send me an email! If you have any questions at all, I would love to answer them. If you want to suggest products, talk to me about your thoughts on different brands or even if you want to talk to me about something that isn’t beauty related – I’m right here. I’m a blogger, I’m not a machine. Promise.