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I’m Stella of Oh My Stellar, a freelance fashion photographer and designer from Sydney, Australia. Writing my own beauty/fashion blog had been a dream of mine since I was very young and it is only now that I’ve dared to properly take a step onto the platform. My experience and knowledge is within Korean beauty products and trends, though drawing some inspiration from the Western beauty industry as well. I hope to share with everyone my ideas and passion.

In addition, I am also a currently inactive musician. I used to be the lead singer of a band and performed professionally around Sydney since I was eleven years old. My music career took the backseat when I decided to pursue design and photography, not because I lost my love for it but because I saw no commercial viability for me in Australia. Since then, I have auditioned for Kpop Star, SM/YG/JYP Entertainment as well as Jackie Chan Group Korea. Although I haven’t been given the chance so far, there is a great possibility that I’ll be looking to releasing my original music as an independent artist in the future.

For advertising, sponsorship or collaboration, please email: stella@ohmystellar.com

Alternatively, I can also be reached on my facebook page: facebook.com/ohmystellar

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